Thursday, October 2, 2014


I don't have anything interesting to say, so I'll just tell you a few random things:

  • I'm about 80% done with reading Edge of Eternity.  This has taken up the majority of my free time in the last week.  1000+ pages will do that.  I'm sure I'll write a full review when I'm done. 
  • The rest of my free time has been spent watching season 4 of Walking Dead.  I don't normally like scary stuff, but this show is just so good.  Season 4 is much better than season 3 was.  The suspense is killing me! 
  • I'm also pretty excited about Gilmore Girls being on Netflix.  I've never actually seen this show at all, but people have been telling me for 10+ years that I talk like a Gilmore Girl, and that I should definitely watch it sometime.  So I'll probably do that.  But there are 7 seasons, so it will probably take awhile.  
  • Also excited about the new Weezer album coming out on Tuesday!    
So there.  This is what writer's block gets you.  

Jacket: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Top: Gap Factory
Skirt: Gap (exact)
Shoes: Old Navy (optionoption)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Currently October

It's October 1st, which is just completely ridiculous.  How are we 3/4 through the year?  I'm joining in on the Currently game again this month, with Anne.  But the topics are tricky for me this time.  So,  
Smelling - I'm not smelling anything at the moment.  I should probably light a candle or something.  

Loving - the weather!  It's still been fairly warm.  I love this time of year when I can just wear a cardigan or light jacket and be comfortable!  

Planning - well, I should be planning something for John's birthday, but we always wait until the last minute to decide things.  I do have his presents purchased, so that's good.  

Baking - um, I'm not baking anything right now.  I'll probably bake a cake next week.  

Celebrating - BIRTHDAY MONTH!!  October kicks off 3 months of fun stuff.  John's birthday, my birthday, and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas!  And then basically 3 months of winter doom.  But at least we get to have fun before January arrives.  

I hope others have better answers.  Although, if you are baking something, you are probably smelling the same thing, so that would be an easy way to get 2 answers.  I should probably whip up some cookies and then re-answer those.  But then again, no.  Boring answers will have to suffice.

Blazer: Gap via consignment (optionoption)
Top: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Skirt: Gap factory (similarsimilar)
Shoes: Gap Factory (similarsimilar)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Shopping

September is over, so let's review the shopping that happened.  The first 2 items were technically purchased in August, but the top hadn't arrived in the mail yet, so I wasn't sure if I would keep it.  And the necklace, I just completely forgot about including, so I'm adding it now.  Otherwise, I just didn't really keep track of my shopping.  I was in Indy for Labor Day weekend and bought a couple things at the Gap.  Then I went shopping with a friend and picked up a few more random things.  And then H&M opened in town and I had to check it out.  But I was pretty good and didn't buy everything that tempted me.  And I couldn't find pictures of everything, so my collage is deceptively minimal.  Here's the whole truth:  

J.Crew polka dot popover: $24 (originally $70) (exact)
F21 Long silver necklace: $8 (exactsimilar)
Gap navy skirt: $12 (originally $50) (exact)
Gap white/black tee: $7 (originally $27) (exact)
Old Navy windowpane top: $10 (originally $25) (exact)
Old Navy Pink skirt: $3 (originally $25) (this style in this color)
Old Navy white skirt: $3 (originally $25)
Gap white/gray skirt: $12 (originally $45) (this style in this color)
H&M black/gray leopard tee: $13 
H&M layering tanks (gray and navy): $5 each

Total: $102 (originally $300)

This means that I'm almost exactly at budget year-to-date.  I have $5.32 rolling into October!  

October will probably be light (don't I say that every month?).  My birthday is at the end of the month, so I am usually not supposed to buy things for myself before then.  We shall see!   As always, I'm linking up with Franish for Budgeting Bloggers.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Review - The Lost Wife

The Lost Wife is a really sad and really beautiful book.  The chapters alternate between Josef and Lenka, and between WWII Prague and modern day New York.  As with anything to do with the Holocaust, it is hauntingly sad to read about what was happening.  As I read, I almost questioned some of the hopeful moments that the author had mixed in, so I was surprised and happy to read in the author's note that most of those pieces were based on truth.  Even in the worst of situations, there were people trying to help each other and trying to make something beautiful.

This isn't really a spoiler, since the title kind of gives it away, but the story revolves around a couple who are separated during WWII.  In the first few pages, they meet again at the wedding of their respective grandchildren.  Again, I felt like this was a bit of a stretch, but the author's note at the end says this is also based on a true story.

My only complaint is that the book focuses so much on their time apart, and we barely get to see them together.  But I suppose that's the whole point.  I just wish there were a few more chapters at the end.

If you like historical fiction, you should probably read this.    

Friday, September 26, 2014

Skirt week - Stripes

It's the end of Skirt Week, so I thought another one of my long-time favorites would be appropriate.  I absolutely love this skirt and have worn it so many times over the last couple of years.  I actually wore this outfit a couple weeks ago to work and then shopping with a friend.  She had texted me that her outfit that day was very "Andi-ish", and when we met up, she was wearing almost this exact skirt with a chambray shirt.  So we were almost embarrassigly matched at the mall.

On that same trip, I almost bought this exact skirt in a wider stripe, but decided that might be ridiculous, so I left it.  But I kind of still want to go back for it.

You can still link up your skirt posts until Monday night!  Make sure you check out the other links, and especially my amazing co-host, Inge!

Jacket: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Top: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Skirt: Old Navy (similarsimilar)
Shoes: Target (same without patent captoe)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Skirt week - Snakeskin

Well, if everyone needs a black skirt, I have to be honest that no one really needs a snakeskin skirt, but it is kind of fun, right?

Anyway, I don't have anything interesting to write today, so that's all!  Link up your skirt looks below.  I'll try to be more clever tomorrow, but I make no promises.

Cardigan: Gap (similar)
Necklace: F21 (exactsimilar)
Top: Gap (similarsimilar)
Skirt: H&M (exact)
Shoes: Gap Factory (similar, similar)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Skirt Week - Black Pencil

There aren't many items of clothing that I'd say every women should own, but I do think a basic black skirt is one of them.  I almost said a black pencil skirt, but I know some people really don't like the style.  So whatever style you like best, but you should probably have a black skirt.  I had one from Old Navy for about 8 years, and it finally got too tight, so I was happy to find a replacement from Dillard's.  And this one is a stretchy fabric, so it's much more forgiving!

One thing probably no one needs is a pair of floral print ballet flats.  But look how cute they are!!  I wish I had worn them more over the summer, because I don't see them transitioning into cold weather very well.

In other news, it's officially one month until my birthday!  I never made one of those 30 before 30 lists, but now I have 30 days before I turn 30.  I don't think it's going to happen.  BUT I think I've had a pretty great life so far.  No bucket list needed.

Link up below for SKIRT WEEK!

Cardigan: Gap Factory (similar)
Top: Gap Factory (similar)
Belt: Chinese Laundry (similar)
Skirt: Gibson & Latimer (similarsimilar)
Shoes: J.Crew Factory (similar)