Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Review - Someday, Someday, Maybe

via Goodreads
Lauren Graham is just terribly likeable.  When I heard about her book, Someday, Someday, Maybe, I had to read it.  It's exactly what I expected:  witty, funny, sweet.

It is apparently loosely based on Graham's own experiences as a struggling actress in New York City in the 90s.  I thought it was fun and charming - the perfect rom-com type novel.  I'd definitely recommend it if you want to read something light and happy! 

And now I have to confess that I've never watched Gilmore Girls.  I was in high school when it started, and most of my friends were obsessed.  I have a tendency to avoid things that are popular, just for the sake of being different.  I'm getting better as I get older, but as a 15-year old, it was pretty bad.  I finally realized that rejecting something because it is popular is just as stupid (if not more) than liking something just because it's popular.  At some point, people started telling me that I talk like a Gilmore Girl.  I don't really know what that means, but I'm taking it as a compliment.  Anyway, I want to watch this show at some point, but it's not on Netflix instant or Amazon Prime, so I haven't gotten around to it.  Maybe, maybe, someday.  (see what I did there?)

But I do watch Parenthood!  And I'm totally weirded out that Graham is dating her on-screen brother, Peter Krause.  And I'm not completely caught up, so no spoilers!  I'm about to just stop watching, because I sense impending doom and I don't want it to happen.  If I stop watching, it won't happen, right?  That's how TV works?       

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Review - MaddAddam Trilogy

After hearing about The Handmaid's Tale from several people, I finally read it last year.  It was okay, not my favorite, but it made me want to read something else by Margaret Atwood.  John heard about the Maddaddam trilogy, and it sounded interesting, so I read all three books earlier this year.  Then I heard that Margaret Atwood was coming to Omaha, so I figured we would go hear her talk, and then I'd write up a whole post about that, including my thoughts on these books.  But then life got in the way and I had another commitment at the same time, so we didn't end up going.  Oh well, I can still write up a little review of the books, without too much detail, because I don't want to spoil anything.

The short summary is that these books are about a dystopian, not-too-distant, and not-too-unrealistic future.  Unlike some other dystopian novels, this future seemed somewhat likely, which was unsettling, but also made me care more about what would happen.   

Oryx and Crake follows Jimmy in the post-apocolyptic times, and flashes back to his childhood, and the explanation of what happened, as far as he knows.  There were times where I really had no idea what was going on, but I liked it.  I think Atwood did a good job of letting me know just enough to keep me hooked, and then filling in the blanks as we went along.  And the ending made me NEED to read the next book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

The Year of the Flood picks up with completely different characters alternating chapters.  Ren and Toby - who are women, but I thought they were men, because of their names (Like I have room to talk).  Cue freakout!  I need to know what happens to my friends from the previous book!  But it's okay, because it fills in more of the blanks of what happened, and I was pretty sure it would link up with the first book at some point. 

MaddAddam was my favorite of the 3 books, probably because I was so invested at this point, and it gave me the closure that I needed!  I can't say much about it without ruining the plots of the previous two books, so I'll just leave it.

Overall, if you are into post-apocalyptic, dystopian, sci-fi novels, you should probably check these out.  In the meantime, I'm going to pick up The Blind Assassin and see if Atwood can impress me again.      

Have you read these books?  What did you think?

Monday, April 21, 2014


So, I might have gone on vacation this week.  Basically, I'll be soaking up the sun all week (with plenty of sunscreen to protect my skin!).  I was going to ask for guest posters while I'm away, but then I forgot.  So, I have a couple outfit posts scheduled, and am getting caught up on book review posts.  And then I'll have those obnoxious vacation recap posts, and then back to normal.  So, you've been warned.  I won't be replying to comments or commenting on your posts this week, but I still like you guys.  I promise.     

I'm using this outfit for the metallic entry in Sarah's April Looking Lucky Style Challenge, because the toes of my shoes are very shiny!  I wanted to wear my gold skirt, but the weather didn't cooperate.  

Jacket: J.Crew Factory
Sweater: Gap
Jeans & Shoes: Old Navy

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break Recap

Well, I don't get a spring break, but that doesn't stop me from taking the week off when my nieces come to visit me on their spring break.  Starting off with my cousin's wedding in Minnesota on Friday, the 4th, we had a whirlwind week of WAY TOO MUCH FUN!  If you follow me on Instagram, some of these will be repeats, but I just had to post a few highlights from the week!

On Saturday after the wedding, we decided to be crazy and go to the Mall of America.  It's basically the worst idea ever: Take a mall multiplied by 4, put an amusement park in the middle, and then fill it with ALL the most obnoxious tourists.  But hey, it was an adventure!  My 2 favorite parts were as follows:
Dessert date at the American Girl Bistro.  I made a reservation and surprised the girls.  They were pretty excited.  I expected it to be overpriced, but was willing to fork over a little cash for a fun experience.  I would absolutely recommend it!  The desserts were fairly reasonably priced and SO DELICIOUS!  I would eat that brownie sundae every day!  Plus the girls got a little teacup and saucer for their dolls, and the napkins had fun bow hairties that we got to keep.  After our dessert, the girls took their dolls to the salon, which was really cute/fun, and got shiny hairdos.   

Lunch date with one of my favorites, Brynn!  You guys, I can't even tell you how fun it was to meet Brynn and get to chat in person!  She's just as sweet and funny as she is on her blog!  We had lunch at this yummy Italian place at the mall and then shopped a bit at H&M.  Did I mention it was SO FUN??  Seriously, if you have the opportunity to meet up with a blog friend, you should do it!  Now I want to plan trips to meet all my other favorites.  If only I had an unlimited travel budget and time off work...  

For dinner, the girls wanted to go to Bubba Gump Shrimp, and I pretty much do whatever they want, so we went there.  None of us ordered shrimp.  But we did pose for a picture with one.  So creepy!    

On Sunday, we drove back to Nebraska, and then spent the week doing fun stuff around here.  We went to the park several times, played Barbies quite a bit, pretended to run a bakery (and then ate all the cookies, because we didn't have any customers), and shopped.  A lot.  Like, I don't even want to think about my April budget post.  

We also did a few bigger things.  On Tuesday, we went to the zoo.  We always go to the zoo when they visit, and we always have a new favorite thing.  My favorite thing was the Andi Bear.  It might actually be an "Andean bear", but when you have little hands to change the sign, it works out.  Also, this guy:

The other surprise that I had planned was a trip to the pottery painting place.  I got a groupon a few weeks ago, and thought it would be a fun activity.  Honestly, I wasn't that impressed, but the girls mentioned it on the highlights of the week, so I'll call it a victory!  I haven't been able to pick up our items yet, so hopefully they are cute!    

Anyway, it was a really fun week!  Nieces and sisters are the best!  Well, tied for best with other family.  I don't want to get in trouble!  

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tribal & Freesia


Back in my day, the Freesia scent at Bath and Body Works was my favorite.  It was light purple, so this is really throwing me that Freesia is yellow.  But Pantone says it, so it must be true.  And it's a good reason to wear my newish yellow cardigan again to link up with Heidi and Marissa

I'm also getting down to the tricky themes in Sarah's April Looking Lucky Style Challenge.  I was stumped on Tribal print, and then I remembered this dress.  I'm not sure if it's quite tribal print, but I think it should count.  It's a little on the short side for work, and especially when it's windy/somewhat chilly.  I decided to get creative and tuck it into my new pencil skirt, but the elastic waist of the dress was too high and looked awkward, so I went with a little make-shift peplum look.  It's a little weird, but I liked taking a risk!  Taking photos, however, was a whole different mess.  So windy and cold!  I wasn't brave enough to keep trying for a non-wind-blown picture, so you get what you get!      

Happy Weekend!  I hope you all have a lovely Easter!    

Top (really a dress): Target
Cardigan: J.Crew Factory
Belt: Limited
Skirt: Gibson & Latimer
Shoes: Gap outlet

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hemlock & Local Love & Third Thursday

There's a lot going on today!  For starters, this is my 700th post.  I don't even know what to say about that.  When I started this blog, I wasn't sure how long I'd stick with it, but apparently the answer is "a long time." 

It's day 4 of the Pantone challenge with Heidi and Marissa, which means HEMLOCK.  Which means POISON!  I mean, mint colored.  It was a good excuse to debut my mint polka dot popover from my shopping spree last week.  Gap Outlet knows my weaknesses!

It's also the Third Thursday of the month, so I'm linking up with Bri for the Pinspired theme.  I knew I wanted to wear this top, so I perused my Pinterest board for mint and polka dot inspiration.  and I found the perfect thing:  Laura's mint & polka dot & cobalt outfit

And finally, I'm still working my way through Sarah's April Looking Lucky Style Challenge, so I added this necklace from a local boutique (that I can't remember the name of - terrible!) for the LOCAL LOVE entry.  I was admiring it several years ago, and then my sneaky mother-in-law bought it without me noticing and surprised me on my birthday that year.  So tricky. 

Necklace: Gift
Cardigan: Old Navy
Top & Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Payless

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dazzling Blue Geometric

Meet my new geometric print blouse!  It's from the Gap Outlet, and I love it!  Plus, it works perfectly for the Geometric entry in Sarah's April Looking Lucky Style Challenge and the Dazzling Blue day of the Pantone Challenge with Heidi and Marissa.  

I'm really hoping this is my last outfit featuring boots for awhile.  My sandals want to come out and play!     

Cardigan: J.Crew Factory
Top & Jeans: Gap
Boots: Madden