Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Shopping

"It's gonna be May" tomorrow, and thanks to everyone on the internet, I now have this song stuck in my head.  And I am trying to remember what even happened in April.  For example, this outfit is from mid-March.  This is one of the dresses I got from Bella Gravida, and I loved it, but it was a little short for my comfort, so I wore leggings, even though I don't love how they look.

As far as shopping goes, I know that I bought and returned many items, as I continued my search for the perfect casual shoes, and also a pretty dress for my sister's wedding.  I really thought the Sperry Zuma  slip-ons were going to be perfect, but they were too loose in the heel, and kind of slipped when I tried to walk around.  The casual shoe search continues, with increasing frustration on my part.

I ordered 2 dresses from Amazon, and 3 from ASOS, hoping something (anything) would work for my sister's wedding.  I also tried on pretty much every maternity dress option at the local Motherhood store, and the one department store that actually has maternity.  Fail!   I'm sure I've said this before, maybe multiple times, but you can be tall, or you can be pregnant, but good luck to you if you are both tall and pregnant!  All maternity dresses are made for someone who is about 6 inches shorter than me.  I had my eye on this Loft dress, but didn't want to pay full price, and it was never part of the sale offers.  I finally decided to cave (as a last resort), and it was 40% off!!  Hooray!  It is a little more casual than I was originally wanting, but at this point (wedding next weekend), I'm happy with it.

Otherwise, I bought a couple longer t-shirts at Gap factory, and I also had my Bella Gravida subscription, which I meant to cancel, but didn't get done in time, oops.

2 Gap outlet tees: $4 each
Loft dress: $48 (used a gift card)
Bella Gravida subscription:  $80

Total Spent in April: $136
Earned selling: $50

Since I have barely bought anything this year, I'm still well under my budget.  And I'm linking up with Franish, as always.

Cardigan: JCF
Necklace: ON
Dress:Bellyssima via Bella Gravida
Belt: Madden
Leggings: H&M mama
Shoes: Target

Monday, April 25, 2016

Oh Hey There

One minute I'm ranting about elevators, and the next I disappear.  Sorry to anyone who was worried the elevator trolls got to me.  I'm safe and sound, I promise. 

Life has just been busy lately, and when I have any free time, I'm tired.  No idea why!  It might be the fact that my body is building a human right now.  But I'm not a doctor, so I can't say for sure. 

Anyway, this outfit is from a few weeks ago, when it was still tights weather.  I think we are safely out of that now.  I'm excited for warm weather, but am also nervous about being pregnant in the hot months of summer.  I'm trying to enjoy my ankles while I have them. 

Cardigan: JCF
Tee: ON Maternity
Skirt: Bella Gravida
Boots: Madden

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Elevator Etiquette

Can I just complain for a minute?  Since having a baby, I need to use elevators.  Once you actually FIND the elevator (which is generally hidden in the furthest darkest corner of whatever building you happen to be in), you have to deal with other people who are also using it.  

The number one problem I have with the other elevator patrons is that they stand with their strollers RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR.  I think they don't realize that whoever is in the elevator might need to get out, before they can get in.  And then they look annoyed when I am like "um, excuse me.. can I sneak past you there..."  This is not rocket science, you guys!  If I stay on the elevator with my stroller, you won't fit.  Just stand to the side and we can all get on with our lives much faster. 

Another common issue is that the people on the elevator are slooooooow getting off, and then the doors close before the new people can board.  Just consider holding the door when you see a pregnant lady with a baby in a stroller.  It's the nice thing to do.

And once we are all on the elevator, if you must stand in front of the buttons, maybe ask the other riders what floor they need?  It's not hard.  

Someday I will use an escalator or stairs again.  But until that day, I just request some common courtesy.  I don't think it's too much to ask.  Of course, the rude elevator patrons probably aren't reading this, are they?  

Cardigan: Loft
Tee: Target maternity
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: Sperry

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


When we planned our trip to Richmond, the best week to go happened to fall over Easter weekend.  Sunday ended up being kind of cold and rainy, but we still had a great day.  We went to church, had a delicious lunch, and then an indoor Easter egg hunt.  The kids found all but 3 eggs, and the grownups couldn't remember where else we had hidden them, so I suspect my sister will find them someday.  Then we put some cheerios in bigger eggs for Mr. Baby and hid them in the middle of the room.  He loved it!  Of course, he was more excited about shaking them to make fun noises than opening them to eat the treat, but that's okay.  Plus he got a big chocolate bunny which I graciously volunteered to eat for him.  

My niece was coaching me on model poses during outfit picture time.  I think I should listen to her advice more often, because I look SO COOL.  

And then I convinced her to join me.  It wasn't very hard.  

And then we lured everyone else out (except my brother-in-law) for some more pictures.  

Girl picture
My dress is from Bella Gravida.  It was definitely my most favorite item when I was adding things to my wish list, so I was pretty excited when I got the notice that I'd be receiving it just in time for Easter.  It fit kind of weird up on top, but nothing too noticeable.  I was hoping it would be perfect and I could wear it to my other sister's wedding in May, but alas, it was not.  My search for the perfect maternity dress continues.  It's frustrating, because you can be tall, or you can be pregnant, but good luck if you are both!  

Cardigan: JCF
Dress: ASOS via Bella Gravida
Shoe: Old Navy (similar)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Budget Rewind - March 2015

Let's review what I bought last year in March, and see how smart or foolish I was!

Old Navy Maternity white jeans: $17 - I've worn these so much, and intend to wear them even more this spring and summer!
Old Navy Maternity striped tank: $5 - you can't go wrong with a navy and white striped tee.  I'm really glad I have this since I will be pregnant in the summer this year.  
Loft Maternity black shorts and turquoise shorts: $6 each - these are the best maternity shorts!  I actually wore them a lot last summer (post-partum), because they were so comfortable, and my normal shorts didn't fit.  I'm sure these will get a lot of wear this summer, as well.  

Target Pink Flats: $13 - I loved my old pink flats from Loft, so I wanted to get a replacement pair when I got rid of them. These have been perfect!  

Gap scarf:  $9 - I wanted a new winter scarf, and thought this one was pretty.  Only I haven't really worn scarves at I all this winter, because I tend to be warmer when I'm pregnant, and when I'm carrying Mr. Baby around.  

Loft printed chambray popover: $15 - I just thought this was pretty, but I don't really know what to wear it with these days.  I am sure I was imagining it with every different color of skirt I own, but I don't dress up that much anymore.  I don't like it with regular jeans, because denim on denim isn't my thing.  I think it's probably getting too tight at the moment, but maybe I can try again in the fall.  Or sell it.  

Returned: these were both terribly uncomfortable, much to my dismay!
Black sandals: $20 - a complete mystery since I have the brown ones and love them.  
Black/White flats: $9 - I was so bummed these didn't work out, because they were SO CUTE!  

Friday, April 1, 2016

March Budget

Hey!  I've been out of town for the last week, and am now trying to catch up!  So here's what I bought in March.  It was a pretty slow month!  I just caught a pretty crazy sale at Gap.  

Gap maternity black pants: $2
Gap maternity red dress: $4

My goal this month was to buy some really comfortable shoes that aren't bulky sneakers.  I have failed!  I ordered these Puma ballet flats, and they are exactly what I have in mind for looks, but they are not very comfortable.  I also impulse bought some mint green Sperrys (like these, but lighter), but didn't like them when I got home, so I will return them.

I asked for advice in a mom group on Facebook and, well, the suggestions were mostly Toms (which I think are ugly - sorry!) or things I already have which are cute but not as comfortable as I want (Sperry, Converse).  So I don't know what my next plan will be.  I tried on a million options at DSW and nothing was quite right.  The search continues...

I do need to buy some new Sperrys, as mine are starting to split on the side where the mesh meets the sole.  I was complaining about it, but I have worn them about a million times in the last 2 years.  Don't think about that math too hard, okay?  

As always, linking up for Budgeting Bloggers.