Monday, April 4, 2016

Budget Rewind - March 2015

Let's review what I bought last year in March, and see how smart or foolish I was!

Old Navy Maternity white jeans: $17 - I've worn these so much, and intend to wear them even more this spring and summer!
Old Navy Maternity striped tank: $5 - you can't go wrong with a navy and white striped tee.  I'm really glad I have this since I will be pregnant in the summer this year.  
Loft Maternity black shorts and turquoise shorts: $6 each - these are the best maternity shorts!  I actually wore them a lot last summer (post-partum), because they were so comfortable, and my normal shorts didn't fit.  I'm sure these will get a lot of wear this summer, as well.  

Target Pink Flats: $13 - I loved my old pink flats from Loft, so I wanted to get a replacement pair when I got rid of them. These have been perfect!  

Gap scarf:  $9 - I wanted a new winter scarf, and thought this one was pretty.  Only I haven't really worn scarves at I all this winter, because I tend to be warmer when I'm pregnant, and when I'm carrying Mr. Baby around.  

Loft printed chambray popover: $15 - I just thought this was pretty, but I don't really know what to wear it with these days.  I am sure I was imagining it with every different color of skirt I own, but I don't dress up that much anymore.  I don't like it with regular jeans, because denim on denim isn't my thing.  I think it's probably getting too tight at the moment, but maybe I can try again in the fall.  Or sell it.  

Returned: these were both terribly uncomfortable, much to my dismay!
Black sandals: $20 - a complete mystery since I have the brown ones and love them.  
Black/White flats: $9 - I was so bummed these didn't work out, because they were SO CUTE!  

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  1. That stinks the stripe flats didn't work out.