Friday, June 28, 2013

Yellow Cardigan Remix

It's Friday, which means the weekend is almost here.  More importantly, it means my sister and nieces are on their way to my house for a whole week of shenanigans.  You may remember them from last summer and Thanksgiving.  I am WAY TOO EXCITED to see them!

I'll be honest, I don't actually plan ahead for my Friday remix post.  I usually just pick a random outfit that is in my draft list and go find previous outfits, make the collage, and call it good.  This week, I was busy wearing my new items from Loft, so most of my un-blogged outfits don't include frequently worn items.  Good thing I wore my trusty yellow cardigan on Thursday!

Recently, I've been really drawn to both pink and yellow, so pairing them together just made sense.  I probably shouldn't say "recently," because when I was a kid, my favorite swimsuit was pink with yellow polka dots.  I remember my friends telling me it didn't match, but I thought it was awesome.  Some things never change...

I've actually already done a remix collage on this cardigan, back on my one year blog-iversary.  So, I have 4 looks from spring/summer 2012 here:
And here are 4 looks from spring/summer 2013:
With the exception of #4 (because pants are the worst), I really like all of these outfits.  Which one is your favorite?

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Dress: Gap
Cardigan: Old Navy (dyed by me)
Belt: Chinese Laundry via TJ Maxx
Shoes: BCBGeneration

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Confetti Shirt

When I saw Whitney and Kate wearing confetti shirts, I added it to my "want" list, so I was pretty excited when I found this one at Gap for $10.  Yes, it's exactly the same one Whitney has.  I have a feeling I will be wearing it a lot this summer.  You may remember it from my Orlando recap post.

The early evening light was not working out at all to show the fun colorful dots, so I had to go inside for a few close-up shots.

Also, I hate to beg for followers, but since Google Reader is going away, here's your friendly reminder to keep up with me on Bloglovin.   I migrated everything over a few months ago, and I actually prefer it to Google Reader, so I'm not as sad as I was at first.

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Top and Cardigan: Gap
Skirt: Limited
Belt: Chinese Laundry
Necklace: Macy's
Shoes: BCBGeneration

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Budget Time

June Purchases

It's the end of the month - time to review my shopping activities.  I hoped to do some shopping in Orlando, but it didn't work out (probably for the best!).  Here's what I added to my closet in June: 

Target - went to buy some supplies for my trip, had to stop by the clothing and shoes.  Found some winners! I also bought these, but then I returned them because they didn't quite fit properly.
Forever 21 - after wanting a bow ring for the last 6 months, I realized how cheap these are online.  I've also wanted an elephant and/or giraffe necklace, and when they are $3, I decided to get both.  These arrived yesterday and I am impressed with the quality of such cheap items! 
J.Crew Factory  - their emails are persistent!  I have been wanting some white shorts, so I finally went for it. These haven't arrived yet, so I'm hoping they work for me! 
Macy's - I really needed a new swim top, and it is basically impossible for me to find one in stores.  Online shopping to the rescue.  It also hasn't arrived yet, so I hope it works!   (UPDATE: this didn't work at all, so I'm returning it).       
Loft - I had a gift card, and then I found too many cute things.  You can read the full saga here

I also made some money this month by selling clothes: 
  • Garage Sale: $30
  • Consignment: $32
So, if I add it all up...

Total Purchases: $173 (originally$373)
Minus Gift Card: $25
Minus Total Earned: $62
Total out of pocket: $86
UPDATE (after returning swimsuit) - Total out of pocket: $24

Halfway through the year, and I am $65 under budget so far.  Not too shabby!  I really think that keeping myself accountable to strangers on the internet is helping me stay on budget.  Earlier this week, I was returning those shoes at Target, and was tempted to buy a few things, but I thought I was over budget for the month and I resisted.  So thank you all for reading and thanks to Franish for hosting the link up each month! 

Another Day, Another Mixed Print Outfit

Lately, I just want to MIX ALL THE PRINTS!  Floral and stripes are one of my favorite combinations, so it is likely that I would have come up with this outfit on my own eventually, but I was helped along the way by this and this.

So, I was recently nominated for a Liebster award by the super sweet Brynn. Since I've been blogging for awhile and still have less than 200 followers, this is my 4th time to get this award (previous posts here and here), so I'm not going to do the whole thing again.  But I will answer Brynn's questions.  (and you should go visit her, because she is great!  Plus she is doing a 30X30 challenge in July, which I am still too chicken to attempt). 
  1. What do you like to do in your free time?  I read a lot, and watch a lot of TV (usually something on Netflix because I have no patience for watching shows in real time).  Obviously I like to shop.  When I have more free time, I like to get a little crafty with sewing or other projects.  
  2. If you could have a dinner party with any three famous people (dead or alive), who would they be and why?  This question is overwhelming!  I mean, ANYONE from ANY TIME?  Also, I'm not that interested in having dinner with celebrities.  Honestly (if I'm not being afraid of getting religious on the internet), my first choice is Jesus.  Anyone else at this dinner would be ignored.  
  3. What is your favorite household chore and why?  Favorite chore?  Seriously, Brynn???  I guess my least-hated chore is doing the laundry.  I like how I can be "doing laundry" all day, but it is mostly remembering to transfer to the dryer, and start a new load.  Plus the clean clothes smell so good, and I can fold them while watching TV.     
  4. What's your favorite item of clothing that you currently own?  Again, this is hard to answer because everything is my favorite!  Lately, I've been pretty excited about my navy/white striped blazer and want to wear it all the time, but it's not the best for 90+ degree days! 
  5. When you're on a road trip, what is your go-to music?  I usually put my iTunes on shuffle and just let it play.  It ends up being a lot of Ben Folds, Weezer, and Regina Spektor. 
How would you answer her questions?

Necklace: Dillard's
Top: Alfani
Cardigan: Old Navy (Dyed by me)
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Seychelles

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On Wearing Floral Shorts to Work

Last Thursday, I commented on Ginny's post that I really needed to find some fancier summer pieces.  She replied letting me know that Loft was having a 40% off pretty much everything sale.  I promptly went shopping after work.  I got a few things, but I think my favorite new item is this pair of shorts.  I wanted to wear them the next day, which was Friday.  My office basically has no dress code, and the shorts aren't super short, so I figured I would go for it.  After changing tops a few times, I ended up with this combination.  Because if you add a blazer, shorts seem more respectable!  Also, I can't stop wearing stripes with florals.

John and I met for lunch, and he proceeded to mock me (lovingly, of course) for wearing a blazer when it is almost 90 degrees outside.  When I took my blazer off, he thought my "summer sweater" was even more ridiculous.  He obviously doesn't keep up with fashion bloggers.

File this outfit under "looks better in my imagination than in reality", but I still felt fancy all day long.  Except for the 5 minutes when my CEO stopped by to catch up about a few things.  Then I felt sort of embarrassed.  Why doesn't he stop by on the days I am dressed like a normal person?

Blazer and shoes: Gap
Top: Ann Taylor
Shorts: Loft

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lazy Weekend

Happy Monday!  Since this was my first and last weekend with nothing going on for quite sometime, I am happy to report that I did a whole lot of nothing!  Friday after work, John and I met up for dinner and then caught a late showing of World War Z.  It was decent, but not as good as I wanted it to be.  I started reading the book on Saturday, so I'll probably end up doing a comparison post soon.

After staying up too late on Friday, I seriously slept in on Saturday.  I think this is the secret to controlling my caloric intake.  Sleeping until noon is the new trendy diet - celebrities should be paying me for this insight.  I just need to quit my job so I can sleep for 12 hours every night.

Saturday afternoon was reserved for catching up on laundry and running errands.  I think I ironed every single item of iron-able clothing on Saturday evening.  It's a glamorous life, I know.

The above outfit is from Sunday morning church.  After church, we went to lunch with some friends, and then I spent the afternoon cleaning up in our "extra" room, so it will be ready for my nieces next weekend!  I'm pretty excited for them to get here!

Here's a bonus for your Monday morning.  When John is my photographer, he usually convinces me to do silly things, like jump or twirl.  This is a great skirt for twirling, by the way.

Top and Cardigan: Gap
Skirt: H&M dress (refashioned)
Shoes: Target

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dressing Room Files - LOFT

It's a Saturday Bonus Post about shopping!!!  Thursday after work, I decided to swing by Loft and check out their sale.  I had a gift card and just wanted some pretty new things (it has been a stressful few weeks!).  I usually shop by myself, but I tend to text my sister for advice.  I've enjoyed reading other bloggers' dressing room recap posts and thought it might be fun to do my own.  So here's my shopping story.  If you don't think shopping is an interesting hobby, you might want to skip reading this one! 

When I walked into the store, I noticed that all full price merchandise was 40% off.  Normally, I go straight to the sale section, but I meandered around the regular section to see if anything caught my eye.  Then I headed back to the sale corner and started grabbing things to try on.  I had an armful when I went into the dressing room.  I tried everything on, put it into Yes/No/Maybe piles, and then wandered back out into the store to look for pieces to try on with some of the "maybes" and see the styling potential.  This confused the salespeople.  Here are a few of the pieces I considered, with commentary included:

First up, this yellow polka dot skirt ($13).  I immediately loved it, but wasn't sure how remixable it would be with the rest of my closet.  I don't have anything similar, so I put it in the maybe pile.   Then I tried it on with a pink top and navy cardigan, and decided to get it.  Then when I went up to pay, I learned that it was not 40% off, and decided to leave it.  I'm regretting this decision, and will probably call them back to see if it is still there and if they can hold it for me. I mean, $13 isn't bad for a really cute skirt!

Next, I tried on these floral shorts ($10) and purple tank top ($14).  I really liked the shorts, but they were a little tight, and I wasn't sure how often I would wear them.  The tank was just okay.  I don't think I have any purple tops, but it was a little pricey for a tank top.  The shorts went in the maybe pile, and then into the no pile when I found a better option.  Tank into the no pile.  The striped skirt hanging on the wall was significantly more expensive than I thought ($30), so I didn't even try it on.  What can I say - I'm frugal!

I was intrigued by this ruffly tank ($18) in both white and black.  I loved it on the hanger, but thought it was adding volume where I definitely don't need it.  My niece was a big fan, though.  If she had been with me instead of on the other end of the phone, I probably would have been talked into it.  It's probably best that I wasn't under the influence of 8-year-old girls on this trip.  Put it in the no pile.

The yellow striped sweater ($12) was a yes from the first trying on pile.  I found these floral shorts ($18) on my second run through the store.  Even though they were a little bit more expensive than the previous pair, I liked the color and fit better, and they will play nice with the rest of my wardrobe.  I'll probably even wear this exact outfit sometime soon!  Mixing prints is my new obsession.     

This is a black lace top ($24) layered over a pink camisole, and then a pleated pink skirt ($13).  The skirt is just girly and fun, and I think I will wear it a lot (particularly on hot summer days).   I really liked the lace top, and decided to get it, but then I changed my mind at the last minute.  I'd like to find a similar option for about half the price. 

I left the dressing room with the above 5 items, but then made a last minute decision to ditch the black lace top and yellow polka dot skirt. 

This is where it gets sort of shameful.  I thought about that yellow dotted skirt all day on Friday, thinking I should go back for it, and trying to convince myself that would be ridiculous.  After work, I met John for dinner, and we were very close to the Loft, so I went for it.  I was hoping the skirt would still be there, and really hoping the workers would be different.

When I went in, I made a beeline for the final sale rack and the skirt was still there - YAY!  There was also a new option that I hadn't seen on Thursday - similar, but yellow with tan dots instead of tan with yellow dots.  I took both into the dressing room to try them on and decide.

I went with the original option.  The other one was cute, but just a little too yellow for me!  And the exact same girl was working, so I was sort of embarrassed, but she was nice enough.

Overall, I was really impressed with the options at Loft.  I used to find awesome stuff there regularly, but I don't think I had found anything in the past year or so.  It was nice to finally use up my gift card and find some fun pieces!

I'm officially done shopping for June!  I have to stick to my budget!

Have you found anything fun at Loft lately?  Are you going to check out the sale this weekend?  Let me know if you have any luck!

I guess I should note:  this post was in no way sponsored by Loft.  I just went shopping there and wanted to share about it!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Jean Jacket Remix

It's Friday!  I'm very ready for a weekend with absolutely no plans.  It's been a crazy summer and is about to get crazier because my sister and nieces are coming to visit next weekend and staying through the following weekend.  I'm SUPER EXCITED to see them and need to think of some fun things to do while they are here.  Any brilliant advice for entertaining two 8-year-old girls?  I'm sure we will go to the zoo one day, and probably try to find a pool at some point.  Of course we will sneak in some shopping and probably some crafty projects.

Speaking of craft projects, my stats have blown up this week with visitors to my DIY 4th of July shirt from last year.  If you are interested in making a fun and easy flag shirt, look no further!

I've been a slacker the last few weeks and haven't remembered to do a remix post.  I'm taking the easy way out this week and showing you 8 other ways I have worn my denim jacket.  I wear it quite a bit, so for the remix collage, I'm only including 2013.  I bought this jacket in April of 2007, when I was visiting my sister in Chicago.  I think it was from a JC Penney Outlet.  I don't remember how much it cost, but I can pretty much guarantee I've gotten my money's worth.  
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Dress: Target
Jacket: Izod
Sandals: Carlos Santana

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Neon Accents and Mixing Prints

Third Thursday Threads is here and the theme of the month is NEON!

This blazer - I want to wear it every day!  The neon lining is my favorite, but it does make styling a little bit tricky.  After playing around in my closet, I put this together.  I really love this outfit.  The mixed prints are a little bit crazy, but since the colors are the same (and fairly neutral), I think/hope it stays on the classy side of the line.  The neon pink belt and neon coral-ish lining add some fun to the look.

I do think that this blazer will be more versatile if/when I unroll the sleeves, but right now I am trying to think of all the options with the lining showing!  How would you style this blazer?  I really want to wear it with white pants, but haven't found any that I love yet.

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Dress & Blazer: Gap
Belt: Chinese Laundry via TJ Maxx
Shoes: BCBGeneration

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Special Guest - Crystal from Mai-Heart

Today I am excited to introduce you all to Crystal, who blogs over at Mai-Heart.  As you will see in the pictures below, she has fabulous style!  I'm a big fan of all the bright colors she wears, and she's currently taking a shopping hiatus, which is reminding me I should probably take a month or two off from shopping soon, too.  We traded questions and answers with each other (see my post here).  It was so fun to get to know each other a little bit better.  I hope you enjoy reading about Crystal and go visit her blog!  

1. What's the story behind your blog name?

Mai-Heart is derived from my last name and hearts were my obsession in college. During my time in college, I was obsessed with the idea of branding myself some how by creating decals (which never happened) and then the name Mai Heart was born. When I first created my blog, I had no idea what to call it. I had about five different names that were too long and boring. Finally, I realized that Mai Heart was the perfect touch.

2. What items are on the top of your closet wishlist right now?

Tory Burch Miller Sandals—which I have been in search for over a year now and a Celine Bag. Since I have large feet, it’s hard to find shoes that I want sometimes. The hard part about having size 10 feet is that brands only make a few in that size. The popular sizes have endless inventory to choose from!
3. What is your favorite vacation spot, or somewhere you want to visit?

My SO and I have discussed vacation spots in the near future. We are thinking about an array of countries to visit. He wants to go visit Japan, Africa and China. I want to visit Greece, Alaska and some European countries. All these are great places to visit but the problem is, we’ll need to come to an agreement on which of these countries are on the top of our list.

4. What stores are your favorite?

I love any store that has a hefty discount. Marshall’s almost never disappoints because of the selection, quality, and price. The clothing offered at Marshall’s can range from Trendy to Classic pieces, which can help any person trying to build a wardrobe with a budget. Marshall’s sometimes offer high-end designer pieces for 40-70% off which I gravitate towards because they can be timeless piece. For instance, I picked up an Equipment Blouse for $60, which retails for $200. Sure, $60 for a blouse sounds hefty, but if you take into consideration the quality, it makes sense to make the purchase. There is no point in purchasing a similar style top for $20 that only last a few wears. 

Target is also a great place for discounted clothing. I’ve mentioned in my blog here  how to shop at Target. Patience is important when shopping at Target because of the markdowns offered. If you can wait for it to go on sale, I advise you do!

5. Other than blogging, what are some of your hobbies?

There are too many hobbies to name, but I’ll just name the few.
For the past ions of Christmas, my mom has purchased a Holiday Barbie for me, which I continue to collect until this day. I appreciate the work put into these dolls. However, the past few Barbies have been a disappointment to me because the quality of the box, the dresses and the make up on the Barbies are horrendous. I forgot how beautiful the Barbies used to be. I am not convinced Mattel is doing a great job on producing quality items anymore.

My other hobby is making bracelets for my Etsy Store. These bracelets are beautifully crafted on a silver plated chain with glass heart and toggle closure. They were originally made as gifts to a few friends. Now, I can share my art with others!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Literary Junkies and a Maxi Dress


It's time for the Literary Junkies link up again. I'm so bad at answering these questions each month!  

What are you currently reading? Tell us about it.
Some of My Best Friends are Black by Tanner Colby - this was a recommendation from one of my friends.  The subtitle is "The Strange Story of Integration in America."  He is basically looking at four areas of American life (work, school, church, neighborhoods) and how we are still pretty separated based on race.  I'm only a few chapters in, but so far it is very interesting. 

Who is your favorite book character and why?
I hate picking favorites!  I tend to like books where the characters aren't super likeable, so this is tricky.  Thinking about the past year or so, my favorites are probably Hazel and Gus from The Fault in Our Stars.  I just liked them and how they interacted with each other.

What would the title of your memoir be?
Probably "Just Another Smith" or something equally un-clever.  Although after reading a few really boring memoirs in the past few years, I've actually thought maybe people would like reading about my life.  I mean, if people liked Eat, Pray, Love, they would pretty much like anything, right?! 
What book or series do you remember reading as an elementary/middle school age?
As a kid, I READ ALL THE BOOKS!  I was very into the Boxcar Children series, and then I started reading the Babysitters Club and a lot of the different series by Christian authors.  One of my favorites from the church library was the Sadie Rose Adventures.  I remember walking out of the library on a regular basis with a stack of books so high I couldn't see over them.  

Go check out the other book nerds here!

About my outfit...  
Usually when Marion announces the Trend of the Month, I have to plan an outfit for it.  This time, I was actually wearing my only maxi dress on the day she posted the theme.  I mean, I can pretty much read minds.  Her link-up goes live tomorrow, so you still have time to join in on the fun! 

Dress & Belt: Old Navy
Cardigan: Gap
Sandals: Carlos Santana    


Monday, June 17, 2013

Reunion Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  As I mentioned on Friday, John and I headed down to Wichita for my high school 10 year reunion.  It was a quick trip down and back, but it was a blast to see everyone and catch up with old friends.  Saturday morning, I met up with 3 of my best friends from high school to catch up before the official reunion.  I've been friends with these girls since 2nd, 5th, and 9th grade and am so blessed to have them in my life!
Lynelle, Laura, Andi, Erin - Now

Andi , Lynelle, Erin, Laura - Then

Then John and I met up with my aunt and uncle for lunch and got to catch up with them a little bit.  And then we did some really important things, like going to Heavenly Sno to get the world's best sno cone. 

The reunion started out at the school, where we had a BBQ feast (which was delicious) and got to see all the additions they have made to the building.  When I was there, we basically had one hallway, the commons and the gym.  They now have a whole new wing with an auditorium and another gym.  It's sort of crazy.  After that, we went to the Fox&Hound for more hanging out and chatting.  I'm not the most objective opinion (since I helped plan it), but I think the evening was a great success!  

I mostly got caught up in chatting with everyone and forgot to take pictures, but I did get one with another of my favorite people - Tessa!  We hadn't seen each other since 2008, which is just way too long.  We are now scheming ways to see each other more often.  A road trip to Wisconsin might need to happen soon.  

And here's one of (almost) the whole group at the reunion.  Pay no attention to the pool table obstructing half of the group.  When you are in a restaurant/bar party room, you just have to make it work.

In a complete fashion blogger fail, I didn't take any official outfit photos.  You can kind of tell that I was wearing my pink shorts and lace top.

It was so great to catch up with everyone and meet the spouses!  I may be biased, but I think my graduating class is pretty great!  Did you (or will you) go to your high school reunion?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ten Years

My high school reunion is this weekend.  I really can't believe it has been 10 years!  One of my best friends was Senior class president, and somehow I promised her that I would help her plan the reunions, so she and I have been busy gathering everyone's contact information and planning the event.  I'm really hoping everything goes well!  (If not, I will deny my involvement in the planning)

Honestly, I am super excited to see everyone!  I wasn't sure how many people would actually come, but most of my favorite people from high school will be there.  I had a dream the other night that we were at the reunion and I was so excited that John locked me in one of the classrooms to calm down.  I mean, I hope that doesn't happen.  I'm not THAT crazy, right?

Many things have changed in my life over the past 10 years, but 2 things have stayed the same:
  1. My car - my parents bought a 1997 Honda Civic for me in 2002, thinking it would last me through college.  Well, I'm still driving it.  I'm way too sentimental about this car, and will likely drive it until it stops running. 
  2. My Hairstyle - since my hair isn't every particularly trendy, I think it's okay that I have the same style 10 years later, right?  I even use the same mousse.  I've tried other products, but just don't like anything as much as Pantene! 
If you are interested in learning more about high school Andi, you should check out this post I did last year about my adventures at school dances. 

Do you have any exciting weekend plans?  Or any fun stories about high school class reunions?

I'm linking up for Casual Friday today!  

Top: Target
Cardigan & Shoes: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Copycat Copycat

This outfit is a copycat of myself copycatting someone else.  I really liked that outfit this winter, so I thought it'd be fun to try a more spring appropriate version for dinner Saturday night.

It was also a good excuse to wear my new shoes!  These were a lucky score at Target when I popped in really quick to buy some travel-sized toiletries for my trip to Orlando.  John dropped me off at Target and ran into Lowe's for something, so I was killing time after finding everything on my list, and just happened to wander into the clothes and shoes.  I found a really cute dress (worn last week, but not photographed - blogger fail), and 2 pairs of shoes.  These were an online return, so they were marked down to less than $10 -  I was sold!   

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Top: H&M
Scarf: Calvin Klein
Jacket: Izod
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Copycat Swap - Heather from H&K Style Journey

It's time for another copycat swap with one of my favorites!  Heather blogs over at Style Journey with her daughter Kayla.  They are both so sweet and stylish and I absolutely love their mother/daughter remix posts.  Heather and I are swapping blogs today and re-interpreting outfits from each other.


Hello Just Another Smith readers!  I am Heather from the Mother/Daughter blog Style Journey.   I share a blog with my recently high school graduated daughter Kayla. We do a weekly Mother/Daughter Remix showcasing an item remixed different ways to suit all age ranges as well as showing current trends.  With Kayla graduating and probably posting less frequently, I thought it was about time to dabble in some other fun things out in the blog world.  In comes Andi!

We thought it would be fun to do a blog swap and style some outfits based on each other's looks from each other's blogs.  I first found Andi's blog through a blog hop (but I can't remember which one), but as soon as I found her blog, I knew that I loved her style and the things she writes about in her posts.  For one thing, her curly hair is envious, she posted about being nice, and she is great with colors and pattern mixing.

Here's my take on a few of Andi's past looks:

I really liked the way she mixed her stripes and florals and since I have a dress pretty similar I thought it would be fun to give this look a try.


Not being one to wear shorts very often, Andi inspired me to pull out my denim shorts, a striped top, and the pink belt to finish off my look.


This last look is one of my favorites of Andi's.  When I got my green skirt and was looking for ways to style it, Andi's cream colored lace top and cognac accessories were great inspiration.


Thank you for letting me swap blogs with Andi today and I hope you swing by over to say hello!

When Inge did 3 outfits for our swap, I accused her of being an overachiever.  Now that Heather did the same thing, I'm beginning to suspect I am just the slacker who picks one outfit to interpret.  Thanks to Heather for swapping blogs today!  Go check out her blog and see my copycat outfit!