Friday, April 19, 2013

Green Skirt Remix

Random thoughts for you on this Friday:
  • I thought the colors in this outfit were so pretty together, so I am copycatting!   
  • My broken boot is fixed!  When I picked it up from the repair shop a couple weeks ago, it was about 70 degrees outside.  I joked that my boots were fixed just in time for warmer weather.  Be careful what you joke about, because it might snow in mid-April! 
  • Meet my new lace tee from H&M.  I've had this on my list for a few months, so I'm excited to wear it with everything I own!
  • I got this skirt on clearance at Target just before Christmas.  It was $8.  And then I found out the emerald is the "color of the year," which I really don't understand how one color gets that honor, but I am so ready for wearing green!  I've already worn it several times, so thought it deserved a remix post.  Here are 5 other ways I've worn it! 
I'm also linking up with AJ for her weekly remix!  Go check it out!

Top: H&M
Belt: Gap
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Target

Boots: Guess via TJ Maxx


  1. Beautiful color!!!
    if you want we can follow each other...tell me what do you think!


  2. Super cute outfit! I have no idea why I never wear boots with skirts... I need to try it one day soon! =]

  3. The color of those boots with the green skirt is perfect!!

  4. That skirt is the perfect color! SO pretty and I love the lace with it. Oh, and your hair is so beautiful girl!

  5. I have the same skirt! I'll definitely be using this post as some inspiration, my dear!!

  6. I love this skirt with your grey boots!

    xo Michelle