Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Goal Review and a Close Enough African Violet

It is Day 2 of the Pantone Spring Color Challenge with Marissa and Heidi, which means I'm supposed to be wearing something that is "African Violet."  I'm pretty sure I don't have anything that is the exact right shade, so my light purple cardigan will have to do.

It's also the last day of April, which means I have to take stock of my goals:

  1. Do a project, mostly sewing - Um, I don't think I have done any sewing. 
  2. Work out 3x a week - I think so?  I haven't been keeping track as well this month, but I have been going to the gym pretty regularly, plus I went hiking and even went to a yoga class in Arizona.  For what it's worth, I'm pretty much sore all the time.  That will go away eventually, right? 
  3. Tackle a project around the house - We painted half of the basement!  I also am about halfway done sorting through my dresser drawers.  I'm hoping to get rid of quite a few things, and then organize everything else so it is easier to see what I have. 
  4. Cook a "real" meal at least 3 days each week.  LOOK, A BEAR!  Did I distract you enough that you won't notice how badly I failed at this in April?  No?  LOOK, ANOTHER BEAR!  Why am I so bad at preparing meals???
  5. Stick to a clothing budget - success!
  6. Read 50 books.  I'm on track with this one.  I finished 3 books in April, and am currently reading 3 books.  I'm at 16 for the year, which Goodreads says means I am on track.  I'd like to stay 1-2 books ahead of schedule, but since I am partway through 3 other books, I'll probably jump ahead soon.  

***I'm trying to figure out how to edit my photos with ipiccy, so any advice is appreciated!  Somehow, my legs look super tan in the first picture.  I'm not trying to make myself thinner or anything, just want to get the light and colors to look good.

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: Limited
Sandals: Carlos Santana via DSW


  1. You made me giggle with the "look, a bear!" comment, haha. My "tactic" for the Pantone challenge so far has been to wear a few shades of the chosen color, figuring something is bound to be the right shade! :)

  2. First, I love this dress. The neon zipper is such a fun element.

    As far as ipiccy, I have a hard time with that one. I like picmonkey a little better because it seems more user friendly for editing.

    I prepare meals 6 days a week. One thing that helps me is to do a dinner menu and shop with that in mind. It really helps me stick to preparing meals instead of eating out. It's expensive for a family of 4!


  3. This is a great dress! I love the print and pop of color. I agree with Heather about menu planning. I always sit down on Sundays and figure out what to have for dinner for the week (even exactly what meal on what day considering my schedule) and then just buy what I need to make those meals. It's helped me a lot.

  4. i could adopt all of these goals for myself! i even got a crock pot, thinking that would help come dinner-time, but today was the first day i set it to go during the day and it worked pretty well. gotta start somewhere. good luck making some progress next month. and thanks for linking up with marissa and i today for our pantone-inspired color challenge, i hope you'll continue to join us throughout the week!

  5. Such a cute look! Love that pop of yellow with the violet...definitely a combination I wouldn't have considered! Those sound like great goals to go after - I wish I was following some of those too. Especially the one about working out and cooking dinner...ugh, I'm the worst!

    Jess - J's Style

  6. The pattern of that dress is super awesome! Love it. Also, thanks for posting your goals and being honest about your progress. You've inspired me to tackle some of my own goals that I've been neglecting! Thanks again for linking up!

  7. I love this look and I think your cardigan is close enough!

    I failed so wonderfully at cooking meals that I purposely implemented certain standing dates with other just so we won't be at home and I won't need to cook. I should have shouted, "Look a bear!" at the end of my April Spending post!

    Also, I love your goal to read 50 books! Thanks to you, I finally read The Fault in Our Stars (which was on my Nook since the beginning of the year)and it absolutely gutted me. I can recommend, The Jujitsu Rabbi & The Godless Blonde, as well as This Is How You Lose Her. I am anxiously awaiting the release of the last Sookie Stackhouse books next week. I know I should be embarrassed that I am waiting to read yet another book about benevolent vampires...meh.

  8. feeling sore is a good thing! :) good for you for working out! i love that dress!