Friday, April 5, 2013

Anchor Sweater DIY

At some point in the last year or so, I decided that I really wanted a navy sweater with a giant anchor on the front of it (like this or this).  Then about 6 months ago, I realized my current navy sweater (worn here, here, and here) wasn't great for layering in the winter, because it is so thin.  Then, I found this one at Gap for about $6, and it's perfect for winter time.  At that point, I began scheming about how I could turn my thinner one into an anchor sweater.  I did some research on the best way to paint clothes, and found this great tutorial from one of my favorite bloggers.  Winning!  I won't rehash her instructions, but here are some pictures of my project.

Things I learned: 
  1. Wax Paper is not the same as Freezer Paper.  When you try to iron wax paper onto a sweater, nothing happens.  
  2. Freezer paper is surprisingly difficult to find.  I actually had to go to Wal-mart!  
  3. Self-healing mats and rotary cutters are magic.  I re-remember this every time I use it.  I'm not sure I would have been able to cut out the stencil shape properly on my own.    
  4. The paint I bought took 4 hours to dry.  Kayla's tutorial said the paint would dry pretty fast, so my patience was being tested!  I wanted to finish the project on Saturday, but the first coat wasn't dry, so I had to apply the second coat on Sunday evening.  I wanted to wear this sweater RIGHT NOW, so the slower than slow drying paint was annoying. 
Overall, this was a pretty simple project (once I had the appropriate supplies).  I would be interested in finding a paint that dries faster, if such a thing exists.  Don't be surprised if I do more freezer paper stencil projects! 

Sweater: Gap (DIYed)
Shirt and Skirt: Gap
Shoes: BCBGeneration

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  1. Oh my word! I LOVE THIS!!! From a girl who grew up on the lake, anything nautical makes me swoon. You did a great job! This is going to be my next DIY. Thanks for sharing :)