Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trifecta Tuesday - Fuchsia Skirt

This skirt is one of my more recent purchases from Gap.  Over the weekend, I was tempted to buy the orange version, but I decided it wouldn't really play well with the rest of my closet.

I really love the color and fit of this skirt.  I just have one issue - the buttons are brown.  Now I'm just not sure if it will look right if I wear it with black.  So far, I've just avoided the issue, but I think bare leg season is quickly closing out and I am going to need to wear tights with this skirt.  What do you think?  Can I wear a brown-buttoned skirt with an otherwise black outfit?  Am I just being ridiculous?

Sweater, tank, skirt: Gap
Jacket: Younker's
Boots: Wanted

Here are a few other ways I have worn this skirt (I may have a slight addiction to stripes):


  1. awesome skirt - and it looks great with the boots - i just love the colors.

  2. I've got the same skirt and tried not to let the buttons bother me. I wore it with a black cardigan and it looked just fine! I love the way you've styled it!

  3. Great skirt, especially with the blue. I totally think you could wear it with black!

  4. Hey, blue shirt, pink skirt and gray boots! Looks like we were thinking alike.

  5. I came by because the color of that skirt looked amazing on the EBEW page. I constantly change buttons on clothes when I like the piece but not the hardware, so that's always an option. Although I think if YOU can deal with the brown/black action, it would be fine. (: