Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old Purse? Add Chevron!

As I was organizing photos, I realized that I never posted about this little purse refashion I did a few months ago.  This purse is really old.  I don't remember what year, but my sister and I went to Kansas City for a sister's shopping weekend.  I think I was in middle school at the time.  Anyway, I was a big fan of Steve Madden shoes (as evidenced here) and was not aware that he made anything else.  I think we were at the Halls department store when we found the Steve Madden purse section.  So exciting!  Over the years, I have kept this purse because it is perfect for occasions when I need a few things, but don't want a full purse (like concerts, or zoo trips).  I mean, it's just a tad outdated, but who is going to judge me at the zoo?

 A few months ago, I had some leftover fabric from this project, and decided the old Steve Madden purse could use a face-lift.  With very little plan, I got out my Mod Podge and went to work.  I wish I had thought it through a little more, but I just measured and cut the fabric and started gluing it to the front flap.  

Here's the final result: 

It's not perfect, but I think it looks pretty good.  A nice chevron print can distract me from minor flaws.  In hindsight, I should have seam-ripped the "Steve Madden" patch off before I started gluing!  Anyway, I think it will still be good for concerts and zoo trips!

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