Friday, October 28, 2016

October Shopping

Hey, I actually bought some stuff in October.  I really just needed some things that fit and I feel good in, so I bought more this month than I have in awhile, but mostly used gift cards!

J.Crew Factory emails me every day about sales, and I often put things in my cart and then forget about them.  I finally took the plunge on these 4 tops, which I have almost bought a few times.  The good news is I used a gift card for these.  The bad news is the floral top doesn't quite fit.  Oops!  Hopefully if I can start losing some of this baby weight, it will fit soon!

JCF Plaid popover: $15
JCF Floral blouse: $15
JCF eyelet henley: $12
JCF Striped tank: $15

Then I ordered a few things online from Old Navy.  I almost bought the striped skirt in store, but realized it was much cheaper online, and then I found a few other things to pick up!

ON Black stripe skirt: $8
ON Maroon skirt: $14
ON Orange dress: $11
ON Black shirt: $11

And then I bought a few tops at Target, also with a gift card.

Gray tank: $9
White tee: $10
Striped tee: $12
Off-white top: $9

So the total out of my budget is just $44 this month.  And I'm going to try to keep track better and link up with Budgeting Bloggers again each month.  We shall see!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Family Birthday

This is what I wore for our family celebration of John's birthday.  I love this dress, even though it's maternity.  I'll probably just keep wearing it anyway, okay?  Cool.

I think we had a pretty good time for the birthday.  We went to dinner, and then came back to our house for presents and dessert.

We have this problem when getting dressed to go places.  I dressed myself and the baby.  John dressed himself and the toddler.  And we accidentally matched each other.  I don't want to be one of those obnoxiously matchy families, but it just happens sometimes.

Cardigan: Limited
Dress: Loft
Shoes: Target

Monday, October 17, 2016

Date Night

John's birthday was a couple weeks ago, and we finally had a kid-free date night!  It's been a few months, since before Baby2 showed up, so it was nice to have some time away from the babies.  I was slightly nervous leaving them, but once we got to dinner, I wasn't too distracted.  We had a fun, low-key evening.  Just ate dinner, hung out at Barnes and Noble for a bit, and then went to a movie.  Bookstores were one of our favorite places to go on dates before we had kids, so it was fun to just wander around and look at things.  We found this book and basically read the whole thing.  It's funny, I promise.  And the author has a blog, which you should probably read, too.  

Anyway, I also learned an important and difficult lesson.  Maltesers might look like Whoppers, but are actually gross.  That's $4 I won't get back.  

If we look a little tired, it's because I forgot to take pictures until after the movie.  So it was past midnight, which is way past my bedtime.  

Top: Old Navy
Cardi and Jeans: Gap factory
Shoes: JCF

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Goodbye Shorts

Shorts season is coming to an end, so I better get more pants that fit soon!  I've been wearing these shorts a lot this whole summer and really thanking past self for buying a few pairs of shorts when I was pregnant in the winter the first time around.  These shorts were less than $5 and I've worn them roughly a million times.  Okay, that might be an exaggeration.  But probably 50-100 times is accurate.  That's a pretty great cost per wear, especially for a maternity item!

I wore this a couple weeks ago when my sister was in town.  John had a conference, and my sister was planning to visit sometime this fall, so I was super excited that it worked out for her to come while he was gone.  I'm sure I would have managed on my own with the baby and the toddler, but having my sister here made it SO MUCH EASIER!  We had a lot of fun while she was here, going to the zoo and the outlet mall, and the boys loved her.  I was actually a little mad, because Baby2 was smiling at her so much more than he smiles at me!  Not cool, baby!

Tee: Guster concert
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shorts: Loft maternity
Shoes: Sperry

Monday, October 10, 2016

Family Date

Now that we have kids, John and I sing a lot of silly songs, and then have arguments about lyrics or meaning of the songs.  Case in point:

It's raining, it's pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed, bumped his head, and didn't wake up in the morning.

We were singing this song the other day and John said, "why isn't anyone concerned? This guy probably has a concussion."

I'm like "No, I think he's dead..."

Being parents has just really changed our topics of conversations. It also makes dinner dates more interesting.  I wore this outfit a couple weekends ago when we decided to take the whole family to the Cheesecake Factory.  The boys did pretty good, but it's always a gamble.  The little one pretty much slept the whole time.  The big one mostly just stared at a kid one table over.

We took a few family pictures when we got home.  Here's one where we are all looking at the camera, at least!

Shirt: Loft
Shorts: Loft (maternity)
Shoes: Sperry

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Recent Shopping

My shopping habits have been pretty odd for the last 2 years, with being pregnant so much.  I kind of stopped shopping, and then had to buy some more maternity things, and didn't really keep track.  I'm pretty sure I am well under budget for the year, but I'm going to start fresh as of October.  For the sake of I don't know what, here's what I remember buying recently.
  • Sperry boat shoes - my old ones are quite literally falling apart.  I wear them all the time, so figured a replacement pair was a smart purchase.  
  • Target cognac flats - to replace these wedges.  I just didn't love those with the little heel, so I'm hoping to like the flats better.  
  • Old navy dress - impulse buy when I was shopping and hated everything practical that I tried on.  The dress fit and was pretty, and was about $10. Seemed like a good idea.   
  • Gap outlet jeans - I hate that I spent $50 on these, but I seriously need some jeans that fit me at the moment.  My maternity jeans are all too big, and my pre-pregnancy (or rather between pregnancies) stuff is either too tight, or at least uncomfortable.  So these were a necessity.  I hope I can get by without buying too much else in my current size, and can fit back into my old clothes soon!  
  • Gap outlet black floral tee and Gap pink spacedye tee - just some cute basic tees I can throw on and not look like a slob.  
  • Gap floral tank - high neckline? flowy shape? check and check. 
  • H&M blue cardigan and Gap purple cardigan - I'm pretty excited for cardigan-wearing season to be back, even if I do hate the cold.  Layers afford some styling options that will just make me more comfortable in my current shape and size.  Some of mine are getting worn out, so I need to get rid of them.  These will be nice additions.  
I'm pretty unenthusiastic about my clothes right now.  I really want to clean out my closet and get rid of a lot of stuff, but I don't have a lot of free time at the moment.  Babies aren't the best closet advisers, either.