Monday, October 10, 2016

Family Date

Now that we have kids, John and I sing a lot of silly songs, and then have arguments about lyrics or meaning of the songs.  Case in point:

It's raining, it's pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed, bumped his head, and didn't wake up in the morning.

We were singing this song the other day and John said, "why isn't anyone concerned? This guy probably has a concussion."

I'm like "No, I think he's dead..."

Being parents has just really changed our topics of conversations. It also makes dinner dates more interesting.  I wore this outfit a couple weekends ago when we decided to take the whole family to the Cheesecake Factory.  The boys did pretty good, but it's always a gamble.  The little one pretty much slept the whole time.  The big one mostly just stared at a kid one table over.

We took a few family pictures when we got home.  Here's one where we are all looking at the camera, at least!

Shirt: Loft
Shorts: Loft (maternity)
Shoes: Sperry


  1. Glad you had a great dinner date. Have a great week.

  2. Aww cute family photo! You and John are funny. I heard that babies will recognize songs that were sung to them while in the womb, so I'm trying to come up with songs to sing now that I'll be able to sing later. So far, my go-to's are "Twinkle, Twinkle" and the Pokemon theme song. Because, I mean, what other songs are there?

  3. Oh such a cute lines:) have such a cute and sweet family. Great wishes for your next dates. And keep singing and enjoying what are you doing. Happy new year!