Friday, October 28, 2016

October Shopping

Hey, I actually bought some stuff in October.  I really just needed some things that fit and I feel good in, so I bought more this month than I have in awhile, but mostly used gift cards!

J.Crew Factory emails me every day about sales, and I often put things in my cart and then forget about them.  I finally took the plunge on these 4 tops, which I have almost bought a few times.  The good news is I used a gift card for these.  The bad news is the floral top doesn't quite fit.  Oops!  Hopefully if I can start losing some of this baby weight, it will fit soon!

JCF Plaid popover: $15
JCF Floral blouse: $15
JCF eyelet henley: $12
JCF Striped tank: $15

Then I ordered a few things online from Old Navy.  I almost bought the striped skirt in store, but realized it was much cheaper online, and then I found a few other things to pick up!

ON Black stripe skirt: $8
ON Maroon skirt: $14
ON Orange dress: $11
ON Black shirt: $11

And then I bought a few tops at Target, also with a gift card.

Gray tank: $9
White tee: $10
Striped tee: $12
Off-white top: $9

So the total out of my budget is just $44 this month.  And I'm going to try to keep track better and link up with Budgeting Bloggers again each month.  We shall see!


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