Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Recent Shopping

My shopping habits have been pretty odd for the last 2 years, with being pregnant so much.  I kind of stopped shopping, and then had to buy some more maternity things, and didn't really keep track.  I'm pretty sure I am well under budget for the year, but I'm going to start fresh as of October.  For the sake of I don't know what, here's what I remember buying recently.
  • Sperry boat shoes - my old ones are quite literally falling apart.  I wear them all the time, so figured a replacement pair was a smart purchase.  
  • Target cognac flats - to replace these wedges.  I just didn't love those with the little heel, so I'm hoping to like the flats better.  
  • Old navy dress - impulse buy when I was shopping and hated everything practical that I tried on.  The dress fit and was pretty, and was about $10. Seemed like a good idea.   
  • Gap outlet jeans - I hate that I spent $50 on these, but I seriously need some jeans that fit me at the moment.  My maternity jeans are all too big, and my pre-pregnancy (or rather between pregnancies) stuff is either too tight, or at least uncomfortable.  So these were a necessity.  I hope I can get by without buying too much else in my current size, and can fit back into my old clothes soon!  
  • Gap outlet black floral tee and Gap pink spacedye tee - just some cute basic tees I can throw on and not look like a slob.  
  • Gap floral tank - high neckline? flowy shape? check and check. 
  • H&M blue cardigan and Gap purple cardigan - I'm pretty excited for cardigan-wearing season to be back, even if I do hate the cold.  Layers afford some styling options that will just make me more comfortable in my current shape and size.  Some of mine are getting worn out, so I need to get rid of them.  These will be nice additions.  
I'm pretty unenthusiastic about my clothes right now.  I really want to clean out my closet and get rid of a lot of stuff, but I don't have a lot of free time at the moment.  Babies aren't the best closet advisers, either.    

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  1. I really want to start my closet over from scratch. I basically am just keeping everything I wear out (on my desk, chair, back and front of door hooks, etc.) so that will do for now. It sucks to drop $50 on jeans, but sometimes I think that it's worth it to have a pair of pants that fit and that you want to wear. I hate that I just spent $30 on a pair of black maternity pants, but if I have approx. 120 maternity days left, I could easily wear them 30 times (and jeans the other 30 times, leggings the other 30, and tights the other 30)... Just in case you wanted to know.