Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Falling Back

I was so excited to get a tripod for my birthday, in hopes that I could take more outside pictures, even if John isn't around to play photographer.  Then we had to "fall back" and it is dark before I get home, so we are sticking with indoor pictures.  At least I can change up the background some!

Daylight Savings Time is such a goofy thing.  I mean, I understand why we do it, but I think it is funny how people react to it.  I was living in Indiana back in 2006 when they started observing Daylight Savings Time.  It was really interesting to see how everyone handled it.  People were asking crazy questions, like "Do I have to change the clock at exactly 2am?"  or "What happens?"  Well...nothing happens.  You just change your clocks and then you feel kind of weird for a couple days about what time it is.  Or you forget to change your clocks and you show up early or late to church on Sunday!

Dress and Belt: Gap
Sweater: Old Navy
Boots: Guess


  1. This skirt is gorgeous!! Really like the look with the boot socks showing too :)

    Bri @ Work Clothes, I Suppose

    1. Thanks! It's actually a dress, but I am doing the tricky "dress as a skirt" to get more remixing out of it!