Monday, October 22, 2012

Time Travel

Saturday evening, John and I went on a good old-fashioned date:  dinner and a movie!

We grabbed dinner at Ingredient, which is kind of the perfect restaurant for me.  They have a few standard menu items, but they mostly have a huge list of ingredients and let you customize whatever you want.  They don't even look at you funny if you order a pizza with no sauce and four types of cheese.  I mean, if you were the type of person do order that.  (if so, let's be best friends!)

After dinner, we went and saw Looper, which was pretty good!  One complaint though:  about five minutes into the movie, these 3 guys who looked like they were probably college-age came in.  The theatre wasn't packed, but they asked us to scoot over and we did.  So this random guy is sitting right next to me, and he proceeds to text and look at Facebook and other random stuff on his phone for about half of the movie - super distracting!.  At one point, he was so focused on his phone that he didn't realize his elbow had completely infringed into my space and hit me in the side.  Of course, I elbowed him to get him to move, and leaned closer to John, but he didn't even seem to notice!  I'm officially turning into a grumpy old woman who laments today's youth!  Seriously, if someone is nice enough to scoot over for you when the movie has already started, you could at least be polite!  (rant over)

How was your weekend?  Any good movies to see?

Shirt, Skirt, Shoes: Gap
Jacket: Izod


  1. Why in the world would someone pay for a movie and then spend it playing on their phone?!

    Stopping by and saying hello from Mingle Monday.

  2. You should see Seven Psychopaths. Christopher Walken = Awesome. It's basically Snatch meets Pulp Fiction. Fun stuff. :)

    1. That was another one I wanted to see, but the timing was better for Looper!