Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cognac - the Color, not the Brandy

I'm pretty excited about my new cognac boots.  I'll be honest.  I know almost nothing about Cognac.  Wikipedia just informed me that it's a type of brandy, which I also know nothing about, unless we are talking about the singer.  In that case, I can probably sing "The Boy is Mine" from memory.  That's a song I never really understood.  I mean, if I had a boyfriend who had another girlfriend, I don't think I would want to keep him.  But I digress...

Also, it is 10/11/12.  Pretty cool.  I should probably set this post to go live at 7:89am, but that would just be 8:29, and not very cool.  I'm going with 8:09am.  So, 08:09am 10/11/12 will have to be good enough for a post about brandy and Brandy and boots.

Sweater, Belt, Dress: Gap
Boots: Guess
Pearls: gift


  1. I didn't even realize it was 10/11/12 until your post. Silly me, I usually LOVE weird little things like that!

    I like that the wintery accessories bring that floaty floral skirt into fall. Very pretty.

  2. Hi dear!
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    Hope u follow back! :)

    Lot of kisses.

  3. Those boots are awesome! Love the color. You'll definitely get a lot of wear out of those :)