Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Office Olympics

Last week, my company held the annual Office Olympics.  We do ridiculous things at work sometimes, like Rock Band Tournaments and Office Chair Parades.  The Office Olympics are just one of these things.  The day of this event also happened to be one of the first chilly days of the fall.  I thought it was a pretty good excuse to bust out my new Ben Folds Five hoodie.  (Seriously, blogger doesn't think hoodie is a word!)

My team got 8th out of 14 total teams.  This basically means we are the winners of the bottom half.  We also couldn't think of a clever team name, so the organizers just called us "Team MLDJS", which is the first initial of each of our last names.

Every year, I hope to discover a talent that I hadn't previously known about.  No luck this year.  I did learn I'm not particularly skilled at catching a ping pong ball with a lint roller or throwing a pool noodle like a javelin.  Maybe next year...

Shirt and Jeans: Gap
Hoodie: concert souvenir
Shoes: Converse


  1. OMG office olympics sounds like so much fun!!! What were the categories??!! I totally want to start that at my office!!

  2. there is nothing like being casual - love your green and white top!!!! and I soooo dont know anything about sports - sucks! :(

  3. Office Olympics sound AWESOME! Can I work with you?? :P