Friday, October 19, 2012

Unintentional Copycat

As I was editing these pictures, I thought the outfit looked really familiar.  Then I realized it was very similar to the outfit from this pin.  (I just wish I had realized I was stealing this outfit, because I would have added a skinny belt.  I also really wish I had a polka dot scarf, which is one of the items on my birthday wish list!) 

Then I thought copying an outfit without realizing it sounded familiar, and I remembered that I read about a very similar situation on Whitney's blog the other day.  I'm beginning to wonder if there are any original thoughts left in the world. 

Sweater and Skirt: Express
Scarf: Loft
Shoes: Seychelles


  1. Andi, I know exactly what you mean, most of my outfits start out as an inspiration but I just give it my own twist :-)

    BTW, this outfit looks great on you, I love the skirt.


  2. Haha! Too funny! I think that we definitely reinvent the wheel, but you totally put your own spin on it--I'm not even sure the outfits look really similar anymore! I love it!