Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My photographer is easily distracted by the wildlife in our backyard.  This is one of many friendly neighborhood squirrels.  They are pretty cute, I guess.  They also destroyed our bird feeder last summer, but I definitely prefer them to the rabbits who destroyed our garden.  I'm glad we don't have too many crazy animals in our backyard.  My neighbor recently told me there has been a possum around, which totally freaks me out!  I haven't seen it, so I just pretend she was wrong.

When I was in high school, (actually the day of my junior prom), there was a wild turkey in our backyard.  We lived in the middle of a city, so it didn't really make sense.  Of course, I was the only person home, so I called my dad and told him about it.  I don't think anyone believed me, but I had taken a picture as evidence.  This was back in the olden days where we actually had to get film developed, so about a week later, when I got my prom pictures back, I had a very blurry picture of a turkey to prove I wasn't imagining it!

Shirt and Cardigan: Gap
Skirt: Bass
Shoes: BCBGeneration

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