Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Marketer's Dream

The giveaway is closed and the BIG WINNER is Conolley from Third Grade Rock Star.  This completely cracks me up, because I have known her in real life since for as long as I can remember.  I think we were probably friends as babies at our church.  What are the odds that she wins my first giveaway?  Congrats, Conolley!  Thanks to everyone else who entered and spread the word!

Do you all know about the Wrapp app?   My sister told me about it, and it's really quite nice.  You can give digital gift cards to your friends, via email.  There are quite a few free options, such as $5 to Gap that my sister and I have been giving to each other.  The problem is that I go into Gap with the idea that I don't need to spend much, just find something for close to $5 and basically get it for free.  Then I get into the store and end up in the dressing room with several items!  Then I decide that I should buy this fuchsia skirt, and end up spending more than $5.  I'm sure that is the whole plan for Gap to offer these $5 gift cards on Wrapp, and I fall for it every time!

Since my degree is in marketing, I usually don't fall for these tricks, but Gap is just trouble for me.  In my defense, isn't this skirt cute!?  I think I will wear it quite a bit year-round, so I think it's a decent investment.

Top: Old Navy
Skirt and Cardigan: Gap
Shoes: Target


  1. I haven't heard of Wrapp but will definitely have to check it out - sounds like a great way to give last-minute gifts or little thank yous!

    And I would have done the same at Gap - that skirt is gorgeous and I love how you paired it with the blue!! Love!

    Bri @ Work Clothes, I Suppose

  2. LOVING the skirt! And with the blue is way adorbs! :)

  3. Yay! I'm so excited I was your first giveaway winner! And yes, we do go waaaaaay back. Probably about 1985 or so.

    I totally tried on that skirt last weekend. I've been thinking about going back to get it if they still have the one in my size. I love how you styled with the blue!

    1. Me again... I totally went back and got that skirt tonight after seeing this post! It was actually cheaper than when I almost bought it last weekend! I may have also picked up 3 sweaters as well. Ugh. Gap gets me every time.

    2. Gap is trouble, but the stuff is just so cute and usually cheap!