Monday, September 10, 2012

Santa Fe, Are you there?

Every time we go to Santa Fe, I get this song stuck in my head for the whole day.  Any other Newsies fans out there?   It was pretty much my favorite movie when I was a kid.  I am really hoping the Broadway version comes to Omaha soon, so I can see it live.  I think I heard once that Christian Bale is embarrassed about starring in this movie, but I mean, look at those awesome dance moves.  Who would believe he'd be Batman someday? 

Anyway, we went into Santa Fe for two very specific purposes:
  1. Eat lunch at Tomasita's.  It's another favorite restaurant in the area.
  2. Find a store for me to buy Insurgent.  I finally got Divergent from the library before we left and thought it would last me the whole week we were gone.  I was very wrong, mostly because I stayed up super late every night reading. 

We ended up at Target, where I found the book AND some cobalt sandals for $4 - BONUS!  (Dreams really do come true in Santa Fe!)

Then we got lunch at Tomasita's.  It is right by the train depot, so we even saw the trains that Jack Kelly dreamed of taking to Santa Fe.  So exciting.

Unfortunately, neither John nor his grandparents had any idea what I was talking about with the Santa Fe song.  I'm not sure what movies they were watching in the early 90s, but apparently they missed the live action Disney musical.

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  1. Hello, Fellow Tall Blogger! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

    And Christian Bale is crazy; that's why he's such a good actor! ;-)