Friday, March 2, 2012

Out of Africa

Today's outfit is very similar to my monochrome outfit from the winter challenge.  I just went with pink tights, a darker blue sweater, and a different necklace. 

It was one of the windiest days ever, so a flowy skirt wasn't the best idea.  I think I avoided any serious Marilyn Monroe moments, though.   I need to pay attention to more than just the temperature when I check the weather each morning.

So, background on the necklace:  In 2006, I went to Kenya with my Dad and a group from our church.  One of the days, we went to a place (I can't remember the name), but it was a kind of refuge for women with AIDS, and they made various items to sell.  This shop was full of gorgeous necklaces.  It was so hard to pick just one, but I ended up with this one.  

I tracked down the picture below from the trip.  The quality is pretty bad, but that's my Dad and me, at the farm "at the foot of the Ngong Hills" where Karen Blixen lived, and then wrote about.  I've never read the book, but the movie is BO-RING.   

Here's another picture from the trip, at no extra charge.  This is at The Giraffe Center, where we got to feed giraffes.  As you can tell from the picture below, these giraffes were not shy at all.  Some of the workers were putting the giraffe food in their mouths, to get a giraffe kiss.  They tried to convince us to do that, but I declined.  A lady has to draw the line somewhere!

Tank top and Sweater:  Gap
Skirt:  George
Tights:  Steve Madden
Boots:  Wanted via Piperlime
Necklace:  from Kenya

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  1. What a great story with the necklace! I love pieces that have meaning.

    Love the tights btw. I just bought a pair very similar in color because New Mexico has been cold and windy lately.