Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easy Breezy

I'm in the home stretch of my break from shopping!  April 12th will be here soon, and I'll probably go out and buy some colored pants immediately.  I've been pretty good.  A couple weeks ago, Loft was emailing me about crazy sales, and I had a gift card from Christmas.  How could I resist?  I was pretty disappointed in the selection.  There was a reason most of stuff was on sale.  It was not so cute.

I ended up getting 2 shirts - an orange long sleeve t-shirt, and this striped top.  I was going for easy and comfortable when I paired this shirt with jeans.  It was a little ho-hum, so I did the reasonable thing and added bright pink shoes.  

Shirt & Shoes:  Loft
Jeans:  Gap
Sunglasses:  Fossil

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