Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mint Jeans Remix

These mint green skinny jeans are way more of a staple in my wardrobe than I ever would have expected.  I felt foolish when I bought them, but they were only $13, so I figured it would be okay if I only wore them a few times.  Now I feel like I need to remember to only wear them once per week. 

Here are 6 ways I have worn these over the last 4 months.  I'm sure they will continue to be worn throughout the spring and summer.  I might even try rolling them up a little to keep my ankles cool once the weather warms up!  
What other ways would you style mint jeans?  Any color combinations I should try? 

Outfit details:
Cardigan and Jeans: Gap
Tank Top: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

Linking up in a few places today:
  • Inspired My Style - I take inspiration from other blogs and Pinterest quite a bit.  This outfit was actually inspired by one of my previous outfits.  I really love the mix of cobalt blue pieces, so I suspect I will wear this outfit again with different skirts or jeans.    
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  1. These are all great inspirations for me for my mint pants! I paired mine with cobalt blue and also lilac. I love that first look especially. Heather

  2. My Pinterest was flooded with mint looks last night, c/o so maybe there's something in there that will inspire you. I'd suggest floral?

  3. Looks great, I love the color combination and stripes! Your cost per wear on these pants are so low at this point, you made a good decision to pick them up!

  4. Those pants look great on you, Andi! I haven't had Gap pants in YEARS, but would love to try them out again. Maybe in June...since I'm banning myself from shopping in May, hahaha.