Wednesday, February 27, 2013

P as in Phone

Take One, Pass It On Item: black sweater from Wednesday's post

You know how when you are on the phone, and you are spelling a name or something, how a lot of letters can sound the same.  B could be D, etc.  And people say things like "B as in Boy" to clarify.  I am terrible at thinking of example words.   I either say something embarrassing, like "P as in Puppy", or I say something phonetically confusing, like "P as in Phone", or I really confuse the issue by picking a word that could also start with the other letter in question, like "P as in Pair" and they are like "T as in Tear, great!" and then we are all messed up.  This has happened a few times at work recently, so I figured I need to get my act together.   I should probably post this on my wall. 

I also have to note that this blouse has stars on it, but they just look like polka dots in pictures.  I kind of wish they were polka dots, but stars are okay, too. 

I think that's random enough to link up with Shanna

Sweater & Jeans: Gap
Bow Blouse: Alfani via Macy's
Boots: BareTraps via DSW 


  1. Ha ha! I usually seem to draw a blank when I have to do this too.

    Stars or polka dots, your shirt is great paired with the colored pants! Heather

  2. LOVE the green pants...I REALLY need to get myself a bright pair of pants, I don't know why I don't have any yet!

  3. LAPD?! Boo, go with NATO. Just kidding. This makes me think of getting stuck in a traffic jam in Atlanta, so my husband played the alphabet game (e.g., pick a category, then go through the alphabet; so if category is food, I'd say "apple", he'd say "banana" and so on). We did this for about an hour. The final category was "ridiculous insults". We couldn't get past H- he called me a horse, we busted up laughing, and then the traffic jam was over. Thank goodness.