Friday, February 8, 2013

My Boot Broke


Take One, Pass It On Item:  orange cardigan from last Thursday's post

Remember how I recently found a hole in my brand new dress?  Well, I've had another wardrobe malfunction.  This time my boot broke!  I was talking with a co-worker, and I have a habit of rocking back on my heels (kind of like a little kid).  Anyway, I did this, and heard a crack, and sort of fell.  Broken heel.  Way to go, Andi.

I swallowed my pride and emailed my co-workers hoping someone had some superglue so I could fix it.  One guy was at home for lunch, and was able to bring some back.  As my nieces used to say (every day), he was the "hero of the day."  I glued my shoe back together, and it definitely helped, but I'll still need to take it in to the shoe repair place, and I hope they fully fix my boot!  These are relatively new, and I haven't worn them a whole lot.

2 other quick things:

  1. This outfit was really awesome in my mind, and I actually felt pretty fancy all day (sort of like the quirky librarian from a movie, or maybe Emma Pillsbury).  Now that I am looking at pictures, I'm not sure I like it very much.  Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. I don't usually tuck in my shirts, and I think it is because it adds extra fabric/bulk to my middle.  Is there a trick I don't know to avoid this?

Shirt: Gap

Cardigan & Skirt: J.Crew Factory
Boots: Guess via TJ Maxx


  1. Ugh what a bummer!!! i've had that happen too and didn't have anyone come to the rescue so I hobbled home after work feeling super defeated. Definitely take them to a cobbler for some repair.

    And I actually really love this outfit! I'm already thinking of ways I can repeat it without having a patterned skirt like that - might get added to my wish list. As for the shirt tuck - I cheat and tuck mine into the top of my tights so that it keeps it flat. Give it a try!

  2. I actually like this look! Sometimes I'll put an outfit on thinking that it is awesome and it is blah on camera. Then the ones that seem blah in person look better on camera. I haven't figured out why that happens! I like it tucked in. I think it shows a defined waist line. Sorry about the boots... a shoe repair place should be able to fix them!


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  3. Oh man, a broken heel is awful! And when it comes to tucked in shirts, I've found that a shirt has to be quite fitted for it to look good tucked in--if it's a looser shirt, it does get unflatteringly bulky in the tummy area.

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