Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine

Look!  I switched out purses!

Take One, Pass It On Item:  red jeans from last Thursday's post
*Inspired by this look.  

Happy Valentine's Day!  I don't have particularly strong feelings about this holiday.  I mean, I like any excuse to celebrate, but John and I usually don't exchange gifts or anything.  Sometimes, I convince him that we should go out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, but we usually do it a few days after Valentine's, to avoid the crowds.  

Last year, the February theme for EBEW was "Red and Pink."  I was still pretty new to the blogging game, and I put together a pretty lame outfit.  Then I really loved some of the other outfits, but I didn't have many red items in my wardrobe, so I never got around to trying it for myself.  When I bought my red jeans right after Christmas, I decided I would finally try the red and pink combo.  Valentine's week seemed like an appropriate time for this. 

This is one of those outfits that I decided I was going to wear, and there was no turning back.  As I was driving to work, I started to feel a little bit ridiculous, but I wasn't going to go home to change.  As the day progressed, my t-shirt decided to untuck itself, and I thought it looked a little bit better than the tucked-in version, so I snapped a picture. 

I'm just not used to having my shirt tucked in.  I'm going to work on it.

I'm also not a big fan of these boots with this outfit.  They just seem very sudden and dark, compared to the overload of brightness.  I wanted to wear my gray boots, or my gray flats, but they are both falling apart.  I think the shoe repair place can save the boots, but the flats are probably going in the trash. 

T-shirt: Gap
Cardigan: Marisa Kristina
Necklace: InPink
Jeans: Old Navy
Belt: Chinese Laundry
Boots: BareTraps
Purse: Mossimo

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