Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Swapping Buttons

Take One, Pass It On Item:  gray tights from last Thursday

Here's the deal - I started blogging before I knew anything about blogging.  Almost a year and a half later, and I still don't know all the tricks of the trade.  In December, I realized I should really have a blog button, so I did some Google searches to find instructions and realized it was super easy.  Why did it take me a whole year to do that?  I have no idea.

Anyway, for the past 3-ish months, I have done some button swaps, and sponsored a few blogs to get a feel for things.  Here's my question:  Do you actually think button swaps or ads on a sidebar do any good?  In my experience, I have gotten almost zero traffic from the blogs that just have my button on their sidebar.  For the  blogs I actually paid to sponsor, I did see traffic, but I think that was more from their "Meet the Sponsor" type posts, giveaways, and twitter shout-outs.  The one blog I paid to sponsor who didn't do those extra things pretty much sent me no traffic.

I have considered the possibility that my button is lame and doesn't catch the attention of potential clickers.  So I am curious what you all think about button swaps:  Do you think they bring new readers your way?

I'm still trying to decide how to proceed with the whole sponsoring/swapping buttons deal.  I'm not trying to make money off this blog, but it is fun to have more readers.  Instead of a button swap, I have been wondering about the idea of swapping posts with other bloggers, where we would just guest post for each other on a given day.  Other bloggers, would you be interested in something like that?  Readers, what do you think of guest posts?  Do you see it as a way to meet someone new, or do you just scroll past it?

Shirt: Gap
Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Sunny Leigh via Macy's
Tights: Target
Boots: Wanted via Piperlime


  1. I LOVE GUEST POSTS! I guest post for other bloggers and love introducing my readers to bloggers I love! I feel they are a way to "try it before you buy it" in the blogging world. I have recently opened my blog up to sponsors, but am mainly blog button swapping! If you want to check out my sponsor page, there is a tiny box option for bloggers that is free with my coupon code! Come on over to my sidebar for a whole year and guest post throughout for me? I'm not trying to make money on my blog, so I think swapping is ultimately the way to go!

  2. I'll generally check out guest posts, depending on my gut reaction. If I feel that the guest poster thinks she is some fashion whiz expert, I pass. If I feel that her blog is not of much interest to me (e.g., a blog about pregnancy and/or her kids), I pass. Call me a bee with an itch, but that's how I roll. Have you tried link-up parties? The Pleated Poppy hosts one every Wednesday, and there are typically 300+ who have joined. I get a good amount of traffic from her and other link-ups. I recommend this because I don't check out people's buttons. (I didn't know people swapped for free-- I assumed every button I saw, someone paid to have it there, and I don't like the idea of spending real money to get traffic.)

    1. --- correction: about 300+ people participate every Wednesday in The Pleated Poppy's link-up party. When I link up at 10am, I am usually the 200th one up. Craziness.

  3. The whole blog button thing kind of baffles me. I started designing one and then didn't follow through because I didn't know if it would even matter. We don't blog to make money, it's just a fun hobby. Guest posts actually interest me more since I can read about new bloggers I may have never found otherwise. I also like when other blogs link to other blogs. You never know who you might find. Like Kate said above, link ups are fun too since you "meet" all kinds of new bloggers. I found your blog and Kate's blogs through these linky parties. Plus, I am interested in other types of blogs besides fashion (DIY, crafts, home decor, etc) and it's fun to find those too. Sorry I am so long winded, ha ha! Heather

  4. I found your blog when Fran wrote up about her sponsors. I also don't really click on blog buttons. I think I just don't like them because I don't like it when the sidebars of my favorite blogs are all sponsors all the time and I am not smart enough to figure out who is a paying sponsor and who isn't. I am in the camp of those who blog for fun, I make very little money on my blog from affiliate links, but I don't really like the idea of having to pay for a readership. I feel like even though I have very few followers, I really do know who my readers (or at least the commentators) are and they genuinely feel like "blog friends" to me.
    I've found the most success by participating in a few "link-up" parties, but I try to limit those as well, I don't like reading a blog and there is a link-up party every single day. I might do one a week and then the Budgeting Bloggers one at the end of the month. As far as guest posting, I've never done it, but I wouldn't be opposed to it, I've just never had a great idea for a guest post and I wouldn't have a clue how to go about asking someone to post on my blog. Going back to the readership, my blog is so small that most people I would ask to guest post would have very little incentive!
    Sorry this is so long!

  5. I've never clicked on a blog button or sponsor buttons. However, when bloggers write posts about sponsors (or do guest posts/features on other bloggers), that's when I'll check out their page. I'm new to blogging (just a month in), but I'm starting to get a groove. I'm so excited to start guest posting or have guest posts on my blog some day :)