Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap


Take One, Pass It On Item:  bubble necklace from last Monday's post.
**Today, I am copycatting Kate's look from early December.  It's kind of exciting when I have the exact same item as another blogger, because it's very easy to get inspired.  Don't be surprised when I pass along this cardigan and copycat her again next week.

***I also need to get a better plan for taking photos at work, or figure out how to avoid taking photos at work.  These are not great!

Well, it's Monday again.  I swear, it's like it happens every week.  I had a pretty good weekend.  John and I finished painting our hallway bathroom (updates on that later).  I met a friend for lunch, and then we had some other friends come over for dinner and an epic game of Catan.  On Sunday, we had church and then met up with John's parents for lunch.  I also got caught up on some basic household tasks, like laundry and dishes!

I'd say it was a pretty successful weekend.  Did you do anything fun?

Cardigan: Old Navy
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Top and Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Born

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  1. I love finding inspiration from other bloggers. It's as if we have personal shoppers right at our finger tips. Thought your outfit was great.

    Stopping in from Monday Mingle