Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Budget Time

June Purchases

It's the end of the month - time to review my shopping activities.  I hoped to do some shopping in Orlando, but it didn't work out (probably for the best!).  Here's what I added to my closet in June: 

Target - went to buy some supplies for my trip, had to stop by the clothing and shoes.  Found some winners! I also bought these, but then I returned them because they didn't quite fit properly.
Forever 21 - after wanting a bow ring for the last 6 months, I realized how cheap these are online.  I've also wanted an elephant and/or giraffe necklace, and when they are $3, I decided to get both.  These arrived yesterday and I am impressed with the quality of such cheap items! 
J.Crew Factory  - their emails are persistent!  I have been wanting some white shorts, so I finally went for it. These haven't arrived yet, so I'm hoping they work for me! 
Macy's - I really needed a new swim top, and it is basically impossible for me to find one in stores.  Online shopping to the rescue.  It also hasn't arrived yet, so I hope it works!   (UPDATE: this didn't work at all, so I'm returning it).       
Loft - I had a gift card, and then I found too many cute things.  You can read the full saga here

I also made some money this month by selling clothes: 
  • Garage Sale: $30
  • Consignment: $32
So, if I add it all up...

Total Purchases: $173 (originally$373)
Minus Gift Card: $25
Minus Total Earned: $62
Total out of pocket: $86
UPDATE (after returning swimsuit) - Total out of pocket: $24

Halfway through the year, and I am $65 under budget so far.  Not too shabby!  I really think that keeping myself accountable to strangers on the internet is helping me stay on budget.  Earlier this week, I was returning those shoes at Target, and was tempted to buy a few things, but I thought I was over budget for the month and I resisted.  So thank you all for reading and thanks to Franish for hosting the link up each month! 


  1. Great purchases and great job on keeping on budget! I'm still struggling with the keeping a budget and curbing the shopping habit but like you said, strangers on the internet are helping me cut back!

  2. You found a lot of great things at great prices too, yay for sales!

  3. AMAZING to see your savings! You go girl!

  4. You've inspired me to reinstate a monthly clothing budget for myself. :) So far, so good! Thank you!
    Also, I absolutely l-o-v-e the polka dot skirt you picked up at Loft. It looks great on you! :)))

  5. ok that pleated skirt is AMAZING.

    I'm so happy to see how great everyone does with their budgets. Knowing that I have to report to all of you ladies makes me really think about my purchases. Thank you for backing me up every month :)

  6. I love those floral shorts!!! Ah! I wantttt!