Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dressing Room Files - LOFT

It's a Saturday Bonus Post about shopping!!!  Thursday after work, I decided to swing by Loft and check out their sale.  I had a gift card and just wanted some pretty new things (it has been a stressful few weeks!).  I usually shop by myself, but I tend to text my sister for advice.  I've enjoyed reading other bloggers' dressing room recap posts and thought it might be fun to do my own.  So here's my shopping story.  If you don't think shopping is an interesting hobby, you might want to skip reading this one! 

When I walked into the store, I noticed that all full price merchandise was 40% off.  Normally, I go straight to the sale section, but I meandered around the regular section to see if anything caught my eye.  Then I headed back to the sale corner and started grabbing things to try on.  I had an armful when I went into the dressing room.  I tried everything on, put it into Yes/No/Maybe piles, and then wandered back out into the store to look for pieces to try on with some of the "maybes" and see the styling potential.  This confused the salespeople.  Here are a few of the pieces I considered, with commentary included:

First up, this yellow polka dot skirt ($13).  I immediately loved it, but wasn't sure how remixable it would be with the rest of my closet.  I don't have anything similar, so I put it in the maybe pile.   Then I tried it on with a pink top and navy cardigan, and decided to get it.  Then when I went up to pay, I learned that it was not 40% off, and decided to leave it.  I'm regretting this decision, and will probably call them back to see if it is still there and if they can hold it for me. I mean, $13 isn't bad for a really cute skirt!

Next, I tried on these floral shorts ($10) and purple tank top ($14).  I really liked the shorts, but they were a little tight, and I wasn't sure how often I would wear them.  The tank was just okay.  I don't think I have any purple tops, but it was a little pricey for a tank top.  The shorts went in the maybe pile, and then into the no pile when I found a better option.  Tank into the no pile.  The striped skirt hanging on the wall was significantly more expensive than I thought ($30), so I didn't even try it on.  What can I say - I'm frugal!

I was intrigued by this ruffly tank ($18) in both white and black.  I loved it on the hanger, but thought it was adding volume where I definitely don't need it.  My niece was a big fan, though.  If she had been with me instead of on the other end of the phone, I probably would have been talked into it.  It's probably best that I wasn't under the influence of 8-year-old girls on this trip.  Put it in the no pile.

The yellow striped sweater ($12) was a yes from the first trying on pile.  I found these floral shorts ($18) on my second run through the store.  Even though they were a little bit more expensive than the previous pair, I liked the color and fit better, and they will play nice with the rest of my wardrobe.  I'll probably even wear this exact outfit sometime soon!  Mixing prints is my new obsession.     

This is a black lace top ($24) layered over a pink camisole, and then a pleated pink skirt ($13).  The skirt is just girly and fun, and I think I will wear it a lot (particularly on hot summer days).   I really liked the lace top, and decided to get it, but then I changed my mind at the last minute.  I'd like to find a similar option for about half the price. 

I left the dressing room with the above 5 items, but then made a last minute decision to ditch the black lace top and yellow polka dot skirt. 

This is where it gets sort of shameful.  I thought about that yellow dotted skirt all day on Friday, thinking I should go back for it, and trying to convince myself that would be ridiculous.  After work, I met John for dinner, and we were very close to the Loft, so I went for it.  I was hoping the skirt would still be there, and really hoping the workers would be different.

When I went in, I made a beeline for the final sale rack and the skirt was still there - YAY!  There was also a new option that I hadn't seen on Thursday - similar, but yellow with tan dots instead of tan with yellow dots.  I took both into the dressing room to try them on and decide.

I went with the original option.  The other one was cute, but just a little too yellow for me!  And the exact same girl was working, so I was sort of embarrassed, but she was nice enough.

Overall, I was really impressed with the options at Loft.  I used to find awesome stuff there regularly, but I don't think I had found anything in the past year or so.  It was nice to finally use up my gift card and find some fun pieces!

I'm officially done shopping for June!  I have to stick to my budget!

Have you found anything fun at Loft lately?  Are you going to check out the sale this weekend?  Let me know if you have any luck!

I guess I should note:  this post was in no way sponsored by Loft.  I just went shopping there and wanted to share about it!


  1. I've tried on that polka dot skirt twice and loved it both times. I just didn't get it because I didn't know how much summer wear I'd get out of it. Totally regretting not getting it too. :(

  2. You got some great stuff! I shop at loft sometimes but its a bit out of the way so I usually have to think of it and make a special trip. I love posts like this because its interesting to see the thought process people have when they are shopping.

  3. Gah, I don't have a Loft near me, but this makes me want to go so badly! I think you faired quite well, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Cute, Andi! I like how things are in the same color scheme - I'm sensing a lot of mixing and matching coming up :) I'm glad you went back for the polka dot skirt. It's super cute, and totally looks like it belongs in your closet! I really like the shorts and striped sweater, too. I've never been to Loft (I KNOW) but I think there would be a lot there I'd like!!

  5. Loved your buys!

  6. I like this post! It's fun to see the latest clothes in the dressing room! - J