Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July and a DIY

Happy Fourth of July!  I hope you are all having fun with friends and family!  Don't do anything foolish with fireworks, ok??

So, here's a fun patriotic DIY project, that you could modify for whatever design you wanted on a t-shirt.  I have to give all the credit to Brooke for finding this idea on Pinterest.  We got together on Sunday afternoon to make this happen. 

  • t-shirt
  • Cardstock - for cutting out the stars
  • Painters tape
  • spray paint (red and blue for this one)
  • scissors
  • some kind of straight edge (like a yardstick)

Step 1: 
tape your shirt in whatever pattern you are going for.  We just stuck the stars to the upper right corner and then did the stripes.  Make sure the tape is really sticking well, to avoid messy lines. 

Step 2:  Somehow, you need to protect the sections that are different colors for when you spray paint.  I taped a box over the stars part, and then used notebook paper to protect the stripes part when I sprayed the stars.  

Step 3:  Spray Paint the shirt.

Step 3:  Once the paint has dried, you can either leave your t-shirt as is, or you can turn it into a cute tank top.  We used this tutorial, and I didn't take pictures of every step.  Here's the part where I had just cut off the sleeves and the crew-neck.    

And here's the final result!  

I think it's pretty fun and cute!  Perfect for hanging out with friends and shooting off fireworks.  I even made a 4th of July cake for our party!   My artistic skills rival that of any 5 year old!  If you are troubled by the wiggly stripes, just pretend this flag is waving in the wind.  And please don't count the stars or stripes. 


  1. great job on both projects :)

  2. That tank is adorable! I want to see it on!!!!

  3. Great ideas. Thank you so much for linking with Wednesdays Adorned From Above's blog Hop.

    1. Andi,
      I am not sure what happened, but I accidentally deleted your comment. I am so sorry. Would you please post it again.

      Lace is a great idea. I will need to try that.

  4. What a great DIY project! I will have to try it sometimes!

  5. Wow thats cool!!! =) Nice blogg, I will be popping in here to check out more of your nice stuff. =) Hugs.

  6. So crafty and cute! Can't wait to test this out for future 4ths! Thanks for sharing.