Monday, July 30, 2012

Half a Decade

On Saturday, John and I celebrated 5 years of marriage!  If you have been hanging around the blog this week, you knew this was happening.  If you want to know how we spent the last several July 28ths, catch up here:


Anyway, for the big 5 year anniversary, we took a trip to St. Croix.  I tried to trick John into another vacation but he was to smart to fall for it, so on Saturday, we just hung around here.  We went to brunch and then had a lazy afternoon.  John got me a new iPod, so I was playing around getting it set up.  Then we went out for a nice dinner.   Here we are dressed up for dinner: 

At the restaurant, I asked John to take a few outfit photos, which proved more difficult than we expected.  The wind was not cooperating:  

We finally got a few good ones:  

We had a lovely dinner and then walked around the outdoor mall.  There was some live music, but I think we were a few decades younger than the intended demographic, so we didn't hang around too long.

On Sunday, we continued the anniversary festivities with Noodles&Company for lunch after church.  

Sunday evening, we went to see Weezer - one of our favorite bands!  I remember listening to the Blue album when it came out (many many years ago).  I thought Buddy Holly and Undone were the coolest songs ever.  It kind of blows my mind that 17 years later, I'm at a Weezer concert with my husband of 5 years, listening to them play those songs.  Ten-year-old Andi would never believe it!   

Anyway, I'd say it was a pretty successful anniversary.  Here's to many more years!

Top: Preston&York
Skirt and Belt: Limited
Necklace: inPink
Shoes: Steve Madden

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  1. Happy anniversary! We're coming up on our seventh year -- I'm sure you've found yourself wondering the same thing we are: how has time flown?

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