Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anniversary Week - 3 years!


2010 - For our 3rd anniversary, we decided to keep it simple and just went out to dinner.  I was happy for an excuse to wear this dress.  Since it's white, I can't wear it to weddings, and I don't have a lot of other dressy events to attend in the summer.

For some reason, I was posing with the roses John got me.  This was a pretty good outfit picture, before I was even blogging my outfits!   
Calvin Klein dress, Mossimo shoes
Of course, on the 28th, we went to dinner at Noodles&Co!

I'm also guest posting for Amber, over at Obviously Obsessed.  She asked me to write about a favorite vacation, so I figured I would go along with my anniversary theme and write about our honeymoon to Jamaica.  Go check it out!


  1. Belated happy anniversary, dear! The dress is so pretty! You look beautiful!
    Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting dear!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  2. Happy 3rd Anniversary Andi! You two look great.

  3. And that 3 is actually supposed to be a 5 but I got side-tracked by your 3rd anniversary story :-)

    1. Thanks! I think my anniversary week posts are confusing everyone!