Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day Wrap-Up

Well, if you read this post yesterday,  you might be wondering how the shirts turned out.  You don't need to wonder any longer, because here's the final product: 
We're almost TOO patriotic, if that's even possible

I also have to show you the inside of the cake I made, because I was pretty excited about the red white and blue interior!   It was also pretty delicious, if I may say so myself. 

After hanging out with friends on Tuesday evening, we had a fun-filled day planned with John's family.  We ate entirely too much food, went to see "Brave", and shot off fireworks.  It was a pretty successful 4th of July.  We also got a pretty epic fireworks show from the people who live across the street from them.  I don't even want to know how much money they spent on their fireworks!   
Sparkler time!

Our stash of fireworks
Money CAN buy happiness - for 50cents each! 
The moon was so pretty!

Magenta Frost was our grand finale

We also were in suspense all day because some of our best friends were at the hospital trying to welcome their first baby into the world.  I was checking my phone every few minutes to see if there were any updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Email.  We were fairly sure it would be a 4th of July baby, but this little girl had other plans and apparently didn't want to share her birthday with America, so she made her appearance early on the 5th.  I'm so, so, SO EXCITED for our friends, who are going to be totally awesome parents!   

Did you have a happy 4th?  Do anything exciting?

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  1. The shirt turned out awesome! As did the cake... mega yum. And it looks like you had a ton of fun with the fireworks.