Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meet Brooke!

Last year, when I was thinking about starting a blog, I mentioned it casually to a couple friends, just to get their reactions.  I remember one evening, I was out at dinner with my friend Brooke, and she really encouraged me to take the leap.  While I'm out of town, she agreed to do a little guest post for me!  You may remember her from the cookie exchange, this wedding, her house as my background, and the hat party.  We met on the first day of college, and have pretty much been best friends ever since.  Sometimes we freak out about how that has almost been 10 years.  TIME FLIES!  I hope you enjoy her thoughts on rocking a hat!  


Andi skipped town and I hijacked her blog!  Well, not really.  She asked me in advance to be a guest blogger while she is on a fun work trip.  I was worried that I would have no idea what to blog about because:

1)  I don’t blog and I was even a bit unsure of what a “guest blogger” even meant.  
2)  I am most comfortable wearing something similar to this:
I’m no expert, but I’m thinking that is not exactly fashionable!!

3)  I really have no idea what to say!

Andi assured me that it would be fine and did approve of my guest blog outfit!  Since she’s an expert fashion blogger, I figured I was good to go. 

As Andi posted here, I attended the hat party last weekend.  I spent a few hours searching here , here, here and here  trying to find a hat because my other one (pictured above) is probably not “hat party” worthy. 

After trying on waaaaay to many hats, I finally settled on one and I think I like it.  I’m normally not a hat person but I think I’m growing on the idea of wearing a fun hat like my new trilby fedora.  My only problem is that I have no idea how to wear my new hat!  Questions that come to mind are:  Does it have to match my outfit?  Can I accessorize it? 

Since I’m no fashion expert and definitely a newbie to the hat scene, I ventured out to Pinterest to find some ideas.  Here’s what I found:

How do you wear hats?  What are some of your tips for us “hat newbies”? 

Well, that sums up my first blogging adventure.  Thank you SO much for reading my guest blog!  Hopefully Andi will have me back again sometime!  


Trilby Fedora:  Gordman’s
Sunglasses:  Steve Madden (via TJ Maxx)
Bracelet:  Roadside market in Cancun, Mexico
Dress:  Old Navy
Sandals:  Rocket Dog (via DSW)

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