Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lemon Yellow

Do you ever have white shirts that get dingy and unwearable (perhaps even pit-stained)?  I'm not saying I do, just hypothetically... 

Anyway, I wanted to salvage these things, and RIT dye was my best idea.  I've used RIT before in the washing machine, but got kind of uneven results.  I decided to try the kitchen sink this time around.

Step 1:  Gather whatever clothes you want to dye.

Step 2:  Get your supplies ready.  All you need is dye and salt!

Step 3:  Fill the sink with hot water, add salt.

Step 4:  Add the dye to the water, get the clothes wet, and then add the clothes to the water, too.  Stir them around to make sure they are thoroughly saturated.

Step 5:  The directions said to "Stir constantly for 30-60 minutes", but I had better things to do than standing at the sink for an hour, so I just let them soak and stirred every 10-15 minutes.  

Step 6:  When the time is up, rinse the clothes until the water runs clear (or mostly clear if you are impatient!).  Then wash and dry them like normal.

Step 7:  Revel in your awesome new clothing pieces!  I'm especially excited about my new yellow cardigan!  

I call this a pretty successful dye job!  I have another white cardigan that needs some help.  I'm just trying to decide what color to go with.  What do you think I should do?

Have any of you tried dyeing clothes before?  How did it turn out?

PS-I should add, bleach out your sink before your husband gets home and notices you turned it yellow!  

PPS - I already wore my new cardigan - here


  1. Wow these look so good,you did great with them :)

  2. Oh wow what a great idea! I've never thought of using dye to salvage clothes and I love that idea! I might have to try it out :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. What a great idea! I would never have thought of just dying a dingy shirt to a bright new color. I'm definitely going to try this.

  4. That yellow looks GREAT! Love it! I haven't tried dying anything yet but I did buy some brown and black to put some punch back into my faded slacks. Boring, I know, lol! Might try some yellow though because I'm in love =)

  5. Genuis! You did a great job! Stopping by from Gussy.