Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Tips from Third Grade Rock Star

My next guest blogger is Conolley from Third Grade Rock Star.  I've known her for as long as I can remember, as we grew up together, going to the same church.  I can only imagine the embarrassing photos there probably are from middle school youth group trips.  The 90s were just an awkward time for pre-teens!  Anyway, her blog has awesome tips for teachers, as well as plenty of fun fashion and beauty tips.  Below, she gives some great ideas for cute and casual summer options.  Enjoy!

Greetings Just Another Smith readers!  I'm super excited to be guest posting over here today and sharing some of my summer fashion tips!
As a teacher, I feel like I sometimes have two completely different wardrobes...  My teacher wardrobe and my normal person wardrobe.  I feel like I usually do a pretty good job of bringing those two worlds together, but there's still sometimes a contrast!

You also have to consider the fact that I spend about 2 1/2 months of the year not working.  I'm not really a huge fan of summer and heat, but I bear it and try to dress for style and comfort during the hot summer months.  A good chunk of the time you'll find me in a tee and workout pants, but for some reason being a scrub on most days makes my desire to look nice when I do actually have things to do even stronger.

So, here are three bits of advice on how to stay looking good even when it's miserably hot, humid, and gross outside!
  •  Summer knits are your best friend.  I love fun knit tees, tanks, and dresses for the summer.  They're pretty much my go-to on a daily basis.  I like the versatility you have to change the look with accessories or just keep it simple.  Every few years Gap comes out with a great line of tees and this is one of those years.  I could seriously buy them all (but of course I'm holding out for a really awesome sale)!  My top picks so far from there are the Mercer v-neck and Harbor scoop.  I've got 2 of each so far and have been wearing them a ton for work and play.  Knit tops and dresses are also great transitional items between seasons because they're easy to layer!
  • If you don't like shorts, rock a dress!  I'm not a shorts girl.  These legs aren't made for shorts and I really struggle finding shorts that look right on me.  I'm a huge fan of dresses in the summer, though!  They can be cool and casual and appropriate for a variety of occasions.  Tank dresses are totally a necessity for me, but I've also become a fan of maxi dresses recently.  There are a lot of times when I'll toss on a comfy dress when I'm headed to dinner or a concert with friends during the hot summer months!
  • Use accessories to add some pizzazz!  I think accessories are wonderful any time of the year, but I think sometimes my summer clothes are so blah that the accessories are what really makes the outfit.  Like I mentioned earlier I'm in love with basic tank dresses.  I have one a black one from Gap that is pretty much my go-do dress when I can't decide what to wear.  I've worn that dress to weddings, concerts, church, work, and dinner with friends and can make it look different every time depending on how I accessorize!
Here are a few of my picks for cute and affordable summer finds:

Gap Mercer Tees in neon  (I have the neon pink and neon green.)
Gap Mercer Tees in other colors  (I have my eye on a few colors...)
Gap Tudor Tanks  (This is the only item I don't have, but I've tried them on and want to snatch them up with my most recent coupon!)

And a Polyvore set of some cute, casual picks for those hot summer days!
Casual Summer Outfits

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