Saturday, June 30, 2012

DIY Modern Art

Last week, my friends and I got together to be artsy.  I've had this project on my list  for quite awhile, so I was pretty excited to finally do it.  This was super easy and (I think) looks awesome!

Step 1:  Gather supplies.  You just need a canvas, some painters tape, acrylic paint and paint brushes.  I used 3/4in tape, but you can get it as skinny or as wide as you want it.   

Step 2:  Tape a crazy pattern on your canvas.  Make sure to push out any bubbles if you want to have really clean lines.  I missed a few spots, but I'm just saying it adds character.   If you are really serious about it, you can also draw up a plan on your computer before you tape, to see what the end result will be.  I just kind of randomly put tape on there, and I was happy with the result. 

Step 3:  Paint your piece!  I used a pencil to mark which color was going in each spot, to make sure I got the look I was aiming for.   After I was done painting, I was a little nervous. 

Step 4:  When the paint is still a little wet, remove the tape.  If you let the paint dry, it might peel off with the tape.  Since the paint is still a little wet, just be careful as you remove the tape.  

Step 5:  Show off your awesome new artwork!  I am pretty excited about the end result!  

And since I call this a fashion blog, it wouldn't be complete without an outfit picture!  I turned my t-shirt inside out and made a little apron out of a trash bag to protect myself against the paint!  Pretty classy, right?

Bonus picture:  Look how cute my painting looks in the back of Brooke's car!  It was meant to be! 

Now I am excited about trying some other crazy art projects.  Have you done anything artsy recently? 


  1. :) What a great post! I hope your painting looks awesome in your dining room. Can't wait to see it tomorrow!

  2. That looks fantastic. I love painting randomly when I am bored. Have to try this.
    I just started following you. Your blog is fantastic, and hilarious. Follow me back if you like my blog.

  3. Love this Post! Definitely a must try! Thanks for stopping by ! And I appreciate the awesome hair tips!

  4. What a fun and easy art project!! i would never have thought to use multiple colors like that.

  5. I love this! Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing! :)