Thursday, June 14, 2012

OTI - Winner's Pick

So, I skipped a couple of the OTI link ups this week.  I've been too busy chasing my nieces around to get dressed in cute outfits.  I'm talking shorts and tank tops here.  But today, I had to go back to work, and was excited to tackle this Open to Interpretation outfit.

At first, I had on my purple skirt, because I really liked the flowy silhouette in the inspiration picture.  Then I remembered that I was going to start checking the wind forecast before wearing flowy skirts - strong winds.  So, purple skirt is out - gold skirt is in.  I really like the result!

I had big plans to take awesome pictures when I got home, and add sunglasses to the mix, but then it looked like this outside:

So I had to settle for some indoor shots, but I still added my sunglasses to one picture.  

I'm also catching up on FBPhotoaDayJune on Instagram (just_another_smith).  Follow along and join in if you want to!

Shirt, Cardigan, Skirt: Gap
Tank Top: Target
Shoes: BCBGeneration

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