Friday, June 22, 2012

FBFF - Closet Clean-Out

my closet - pre-clean-out

FBFF's theme for this week is all about cleaning out your closet!  This was a good reminder that I haven't cleaned out my closet since we moved last summer.  So, I got started on this project and will spend some time on Saturday trying on everything that I know I haven't worn recently. 

close-up on the right side of my closet
1. How often do you go through your closet to purge the things you no longer wear?   I try to go through my closet a couple times a year, usually at the end of summer and the end of winter, to purge the things I didn't wear that season.  For awhile, I was putting a hanger on the rack in my closet at the beginning of the season, and then at the end of the season, anything still to the left of that hanger (meaning I hadn't worn it), had to go.  That worked really well, but I stopped doing that when we moved last summer.  I think I might start it again!

my shoes reside in another room, because they don't fit in the closet
2. What do you do with the things you are through with?  I mostly donate things to Goodwill.  When I lived in Indianapolis, there was a great consignment shop that I took things to, but I haven't found anything similar in Omaha. 

3. Have you ever sold on consignment or through online boutiques? What has your experience been like?  Yes, as I mentioned in #2, there was a great shop in Indianapolis that sold things consignment.  I had great experiences with this, and made a decent amount of money.  I just had to be careful not to take it personally when they rejected certain items.  I also took things to Plato's Closet, but they were mostly looking for teenager-y stuff, and didn't give very much money, so I stopped going there.  I haven't tried any online boutiques.  It's definitely something I would be interested in trying! 
I think I have all possible colors of striped shirt

4. More and more people are concerned about the fast rotation of fashion and how that is filling our landfills. What are you doing to decrease your clothing trash pile? Well, I will only throw an item of clothing away if it is really un-salvageable.  Otherwise, I will donate to Goodwill, or try to refashion somehow.  I also try to invest in more classic pieces, and not just items I will wear for 1 season and then get rid of. 

5. What's been your favorite/best score from a thrift store or consignment shop?  Definitely my "questionably authentic" Hermes bag.  Even if it's a knock-off (which it probably is), it's a great purse and I love the color.  I haven't had much luck with thrifting clothes, but I'm going to stick with it.  


  1. I've been trying to clean out my closet since forever...there's stuff in there I haven't worn in ages. What I've done in the past I've donated to the sister's at my church, I've had a ton of yard sales, and whatever is left over my friends and I hit the fleamarket for one HUGE sale and donate to a charity. I've never really donated to Goodwill, must def. check it out.

    Also, One the bloggers I follow, Savanah had a sale posted on her blog...thinking I may try this too.

    Here's her post!

    PS. love the bag! :)

  2. I LOVE thift shopping! That bag is amazing. Out here they have a place called "Return Engagement" which is a high end consignment shop. I wish they had a bag like that!

  3. Hey thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! That hanger idea is great. Although I think I do an OK job of getting rid of stuff, I may have to try it just as an experiment.

    That's one of the reasons I don't consign my stuff more often, too. I don't like the rejection, haha.

    Oooooh I love your Hermes bag! Or "Hermes" bag, whatever it happens to be. Either way, it's pretty.

  4. Ohhh, pretty purse - whether it is real or not, the color is gorgeous. Love your striped shirt collection!