Friday, June 27, 2014

June Shopping

It all started because of this cardigan.  My sister told me that they were marked down to $10 in stores, and there was an additional 40% off sale.  I also had an email coupon that gave me $10 off if I reserved something online, so I was like "Hey, free cardigan!"  This is a trick, you guys.  Retailers always trick me.  I tried on so many things, but only came home with 3:  this dress, this shirt, and these shorts.  If you are wondering about the cardigan, they didn't actually have my size in navy, and I tried on a different color and hated the fit.  Way too slouchy. But they still gave me the $10 off! 

I tried on this dress in navy, this dress in white/navy, this dress, and this skirt.  They were all just a tad too short. I would like to start a petition that larger sizes have a bit more length.  Yes, there are tall women who wear size 2, and there are short women who wear size 14, but as a general rule, shouldn't a Large be longer than a Small??  Or am I just crazy? This dress and this dress are the same style, I think, but I tried on both because one was in a Tall size.  The length was great, but unfortunately it had kind of a dropped waist and looked quite terrible on me.  (Free advice - Drop waists are not a good style for ladies who carry their weight in the middle.)

So then I was at Target, and I've been thinking about buying these Cognac Sandals, but I was going to wait until July, since I was trying not to shop much in June.  Then I decided that was silly, because I'm going to get them - it doesn't matter when I do it.  Waiting was just running the risk that they'd be gone.

Anyway, here's the official list of what I bought:

Striped dress:  $15 (originally $70) (worn here)
White shorts:  $10 (originally $40)
Camo/Stripe shirt: $5 (originally $27)    

White Tank:  $5 (originally $30) (similar)

Cognac Sandals: $20 (not even on sale, I'm so ashamed!)  (worn here)

Lucky B Boutique:
Necklace: used a giftcard (originally $24 - marked to $12) (worn here)

Total spent: $55 (originally $187)

I feel pretty good about this month.  I got some replacement pieces, and a couple fun new things.  Plus I only spent about half of my monthly budget, so I have $45 rolling over into July.  I like to have a little extra buffer each month.

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  1. Oh wow, that is a small total for those great pieces! I really love the camo/stripe shirt and the color blocked shorts. I always feel kinda weird when I buy something that's not even on sale, even if it costs less than $10 regularly, which is funny and ridiculous when I think about it.

  2. The necklace you got is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Wow! That is an amazing total! I think I need to sign up for Gap emails again! I really like that striped camo shirt!

  4. I'd say you did great this month! Gap always gets me with their additional percents off. I'm so glad I didn't know because I was drawn in to the sales at J.Crew. Oy. It's too bad you didn't like the luxlight cardi. I love mine. I have it in gray. Also I'd sign that petition for longer lengths!

  5. I hate how store rope you in like that. You did get some great items this month.

  6. Those shorts are super cool! I really love the navy and white together!! Also, I'm so glad you got those Target sandals...I'm obsessed with mine and can't keep them off my feet, hahaha.

  7. why doesn't gap send me $10 coupons to use in stores?! actually, if someone from gap is reading this right now, scratch that. don't send me coupons! haha anyway, i love that necklace you bought this month andi!!

  8. your complaints of clothes not getting longer is reasonable; it actually reminds me of this comic: (the fourth con). I feel like some stores now make longer tops, but they are too long. maybe that's just me. Either way, you did a great job this month, and it looks like you walked away with some awesome purchases!

  9. I love that you're ashamed those sandals weren't on sale. I bought two pairs from Target a few weeks ago, and I even plan on glitter DIYing one of them to suit my preference, and I paid full price. Completely breaking my own rules!

  10. Seriously everyone seems to love those Target sandals! They are super cute and prices pretty well, even without sales :)

  11. amen to the larger sizes being longer! I know it's not fair for the shorter ladies, but COME ON. I'm so sick of everything being way too short on me all the time :(