Monday, June 16, 2014

Dress Week - Three in One

Get excited!  It's time for another theme week.  This time, we're featuring dresses.  My lovely co-host is Heidi from Literate & Stylish.  I'm starting off the week with a three-fer of iPhone mirror photos.  Because I do what I want!

These three outfits are from my work conference last week.  My hotel room didn't have any good location to build a makeshift tripod tower, so I just ended up doing iphone mirror selfies.  And I forgot to take a picture of my Tuesday daytime dress. (it was this one)

JCF jacket, Old Navy Dress, Chinese Laundry Belt, Sperry Shoes

First up, this is what I wore for traveling on Sunday.   It was comfortable but not too casual.  When I got to the conference, I traded my jacket and Sperrys for a navy cardigan and navy flats for the opening happy hour.  Then I switched back into this outfit for dinner with my team. 

JCF cardigan, Gap Dress, NY&Co Belt, Old Navy Shoes
This was my Monday outfit.  I was in meetings all day and then took clients out to dinner, so I needed to have comfortable shoes, but still look polished.  Also the meeting rooms were like 60 degrees, so I was very happy to have a cardigan. 

Gibson&Latimer Dress, NY&Co Belt, Old Navy Shoes
Tuesday evening was the finale dinner.  I kept it simple in this floral dress, which has been one of my favorites in the past year or so.  I did not have a cardigan to go with it, so I just froze. 

Over 4 days in St. Louis, I barely went outside at all.  We were right by the arch, but I never had the time even walk over and see it properly.  I'm glad I have been there quite a few times, so I wasn't missing out on my only chance to see it! 

Now it's your turn - link up your dresses below (after the jump).  I'll be sharing 4 more this week.  And make sure you check out Heidi's blog to see what she's wearing.   If you want to join in on Instagram or Twitter, you can just use #dressweek.

Also, go check out my guest post all about Summer Must-Haves on Work Clothes, I Suppose.  Spoiler alert - dresses are on the list! 


  1. Sound like you had a busy week last week.

  2. Dress week is perfect for you! Unfortunately now that school is out I'm not really wearing dresses as much. I can't wait to see what everyone links up this week though!

  3. I love that Gap dress! The print is fun, but the colors make it really versatile! I can't wait to link up this week!

  4. I think that Gap dress might be one of my favorites of yours! I love theme weeks, and am super excited to see all the dresssessss!!!

  5. It sounds like you had quite a busy work conference! And how perfect that you wore dresses pretty much the entire time - perfect kickoff to the week! I love that gap dress!

  6. Hooray for dresses! I have hardly worn dresses yet this summer (I don't like that "all dressed up and nowhere to go" feeling), so I'm wicked excited to have an excuse to wear dresses this week!!

    Like basically everyone else, the Gap dress you wore with the coral cardigan is one of my favorites of yours! What a versatile dress!!

  7. I love a theme week - and I love dresses! These are great ideas for my own upcoming conference... love the striped dress/denim jacket for travel (I love a denim jacket with everything right now, really).

  8. I got so confused when I saw your face twice and then I realized it was because you were posting here and guest posting at WCIS. Of course, I like seeing your face, so I didn't mind. I'm just easily confused. Anyway, what a fun idea for a link up. I wish I weren't too lazy to go back and edit my post for today to link it up. Mmm...maybe tomorrow?

  9. Love your black and white dress! It's super cute and those flats are so fun! I can't wait to link up, I coincidentally planned on posting a dress for WIWW!

  10. I was just on your lovely co-host's blog saying I discovered you two were having a dress link up week on the same week I happened to have the same exact theme going on with my blog this week! I am so happy you happen to be hosting a link up and that I'll be able to join!

    The dresses you wore to the conference are all so lovely! Your floral dress is perfect for everything and probably the perfect date night outfit :)
    Exploring My Style