Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meet Me in St. Louie


As I mentioned yesterday, John and I drove to St. Louis for the weekend, to meet up with my dad and go to a couple baseball games.  This is sort of a neglected tradition, so I was pretty excited that it worked out this year.  Back in 1998, my dad took my brother to St. Louis for a few games.  Middle school Andi was not cool with being left out.  The following year, my dad took me, and then it somehow turned into an annual tradition for the two of us.  I think we saw the Cardinals play every summer from 1999 until 2006.  We were able to catch them in Kansas City in 2008, but otherwise, the summers have just been too busy and we haven't had a good opportunity.  It was awesome to be back in St. Louis, and even more fun that John got to come.  Going to games with my dad is a favorite memory for me, so it was really cool to bring John into the tradition.  Plus we were able to stay with our dear friends who always hosted us back in the day!  It was so great to catch up with them and introduce them to John.  (and their kids are totally teenagers, which makes me feel old!)

Anyway, we spent Saturday afternoon at the botanical garden (but that's a whole lot of pictures, so I'll save it for another post), and then headed downtown for the game.  I wanted to go up into the Arch, but the lines were long so we skipped it.  We just went into the museum and walked around for a bit.  
I just had to take a picture of the bear for Kate
And this buffalo was just standing there, so I had to get a pic with him, too
After mostly just taking ridiculous pictures at the museum, we grabbed some dinner at Imo's Pizza and then headed to the stadium.  

It was a beautiful evening and a pretty exciting game (including 2 home runs by Matt Holliday), but the Cardinals totally blew it at the end and let the Cubs win.  So disappointing!  I'm also bummed because I forgot to get a picture of us being sad that they lost.  I was looking through my old pictures and found these ones that just make me laugh.  
2006 - in Chicago
2008 - in KC
But don't despair!  They won on Sunday, so our sadness was short-lived.  


  1. Ha ha! I love all of these pics! The ones with your dad are so cute.

  2. Great pictures, looks like a really fun weekend!

  3. I love your pictures, sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  4. what a fun weekend!! i love the buffalo pic!

  5. ohh really cool pics!! maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3 http://exality.blogspot.com/

  6. Yayyyy :) That bear is pretty awesome! Sorry that your Cardinals lost... but kinda funny that the Cubs (aka baby bears) won! I like that you and your dad have this tradition :)

  7. DID YOU SEE THE PUFFINS?!?!?!? GAH! I want to see them so badly!

  8. What a great daddy-daughter tradition! I'm sure my husband can't wait to take our daughter to a sports game when she is old enough!

  9. Omg, you and your dad are the cutest. That is an awesome tradition you have together!!! My dad and I don't have any standing traditions like that...we used to go see all the Harry Potter movies together, but since they're done, we don't have that tradition anymore :( We'll just have to come up with something else :)