Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On the Radio

From 2002 until 2011, I didn't listen to the radio very much.  I was all set with my iPod and my car mp3 player, so the radio was just not necessary.  Then some total jerks decided to break into my car and rip my stereo out, and I really hope they felt stupid when they tried to pawn it and only got about $5 because it was SO OLD. But I digress...

For the past 2 years or so, I've been listening to the radio every day to and from work, and wherever else I might drive.  Over these years, I've noticed a few things about the radio that are just very strange.  As a blogger, I am pretty much an expert at sharing my opinion about frivolous things, so here we go!
  • Modern hit music.  Define "modern" please.  I think if you are going to describe your station as new/modern, you should play mostly songs from this year, or at least the last couple years.  One station in town frequently has their little jingle for new music and then plays something that I remember listening to in high school.  It's been 10 years, okay.  That's not new.  
  • No Repeat Workday!  - this applies to those 80s-now stations.  Shouldn't they have no repeats for several weeks?  I'm making some general assumptions here, but say they are playing music from the last 35 years, and say they stick to only the 100 top songs from each year.  That gives them 3,500 songs to play.  I have it on good authority (Google search), that most radio stations play between 200-300 songs in a day.  This means that I shouldn't hear the same song more than every 2 weeks.  Sure, current hits will get more play, which means I REALLY shouldn't hear the same Pat Benatar song every day on my drive to work.   
  • Delilah - I don't understand where they find these people who call in (sorry if you are one of these people).  I recently heard a guy who wanted to dedicate a song to his friend, who he had asked on a date, and she's been avoiding him ever since then.  Delilah played "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls, which includes the line "do you wanna get married?" I bet the guy's lady friend is completely freaked out if she was listening.  I also wonder if they just play the same "callers" over and over again.  I'm sure no one would notice. 
  • Certain Artists - I know everyone has their own opinion, but can anyone explain to me why Katy Perry and Bruno Mars are so popular?  Katy Perry's voice is so irritating - I can't change the station fast enough when her songs come on.  Bruno Mars has a decent voice, but all of his songs just sound like bad leftovers from the 80s.  Am I alone here?  They get played all the time, so I assume most people like their stuff.  
 Do you listen to the radio?  Any pet peeves to share?  Or am I just crazy?

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  1. Oh my gosh! I can relate to this post so much. I work in an office with 2 other people and we cannot agree on liking the same music, so we agreed on either the oldies station or an easy listening station. With oldies there is so many great songs from Motown to Elvis or whatever. They play the same songs at least twice a day! The easy listening? I want to scratch my ears some days after hearing Michael Jackson, Prince, Journey, Katy Perry, etc. etc. OVER AND OVER AND OVER! They all have more than one song, ya know? Sorry, didn't mean to rant like that, it just touched a nerve, LOL!

    p.s. you look cute as always :)

  2. I don't really listen to the radio much (except for the shower radio) mostly for these reasons. Nice job doing the math to prove your point on the no-repeats!

  3. HAHA! OMG I loved this post! I'm laughing so hard.

    - Modern hit music --> There is a station in the Twin Cities that has their tagline as "music from the 80s, 90s, and today." I laugh every time - that's such a wide range! I mean, they'll play old Bon Jovi and then roll right into Miley Cyrus and I crack up. It's like listening to an iPod on random.
    - No repeats --> This also cracks me up. The stations around here do the same thing - they pick like the most quintessential 80s/90s songs and play them. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the same NSYNC and Backstreet Boys songs played on my way to or from work...on the "modern hits" station...
    - Delilah --> So...funny/embarrassing story. When I was in junior high/high school, I would turn Delilah on when I was in bed. Sometimes they talk about some kind of racy things on there (at the time, I thought so...I was a really sheltered, naive kid), and I would feel so naughty and badass for listening to it. When I would hear my parents in the hallway, I'd quickly turn down the volume so they wouldn't hear what I was listening to. Hahaha.
    - Artists --> I don't particularly love Katy Perry's music (although it's really catchy and the beats are good to run to...), and I also find her voice a little grating. At the MN State Fair, they have this like group karaoke place with all kinds of microphones for people to sing into. Most people are really timid when they sing into the mic, and I was getting annoyed with people last summer because of it (if you're going to take up a mic, at least sing into it...don't just stand in front of it mumbling the songs!). When I saw that "Firework" was the next song to be played, I dragged my brother to a microphone and we did the most ridiculous, animated version of the song EVER. My dad recorded it on his phone and it is so hilarious. Every time I hear that song now, I laugh!!

    The "Top 40" station in my neck of the woods has a "90s at Noon" thing on weekdays where they play hits from the 90s for an hour. I'm a really nostalgic person, and music is one of those things that produces some kind of emotional or memorable reaction from me, so when they play certain 90s songs, I can't help but think about my 10 year old self roller skating or dancing to the music :)

  4. There has only been one radio station that I truly enjoyed, and that was 96.5 The Buzz (Kansas City). Other than that... I can't stand it. For ALL of the reasons you listed. Even if I find a station that plays songs I actually enjoy (I don't listen to any station that plays Bruno or Katy) they still repeat songs all.the.time.

    You really seem to have hit a nerve with us! (laughing at Brynn's comment haha)

  5. You are hilarious! I listen to the Bobby Bones Show in the mornings and when they switched from Top 40 to country last winter that was a HUGE transition for this non-country girl! My new car has Sirius XM which has been nice to get away from the annoying commercials. For the most part, though, I'm with you on the iPod thing... I have plenty of music on there to keep me happy!