Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pinned It & Did It

Pinterest is pretty cool.  I don't spend waste as much time on there as some people (you know who you are - I'll judge you as I play Candy Crush Saga), but I do love using it as a source of inspiration when I am just not sure what to wear.  I try to pin outfits from my favorite bloggers throughout the week/month/whatever, and then when I am staring at my closet, I can pull up my inspiration board and have several ideas at my fingertips.  So of course I have to join in on Heather's Pinned It & Did It Link Party! 
HK Style Journey

I love green and I love leopard, so when I saw this collage that Jill (from Good Life for Less) put together waaaay back in January 2012, I immediately pinned it, because PRETTY!  I've worn green tops with my leopard print skirt 2 times (here and here), but somehow forgot that I should wear my green skirt and my leopard top together until I saw Heather's version!  So easy.  So classic.  Pretty much a perfect outfit.  Jean jacket optional for freezing office.

Do you get outfit inspiration from Pinterest?  

Also linking up with Summer Style and Tres-Chic.   

Top: home made by me
Skirt; Target
Jacket: Izod
Sandals: Carlos Santana


  1. I just realized I put the wrong date on the link up!!! I am SOOOO SORRY!! It was supposed to be August 29th. Let me see if I can get a link up hear at work.

  2. Ok, now that I have the link up ready to go, I can actually comment on your outfit. It's amazing at how versatile a green skirt can be. Mine (and my green jeans) are probably some of my favorites in my closet. Plus adding leopard to any color is extra awesome. Thanks for linking up today too! I am sorry for the confusion with the dates. I totally dropped the ball on that one :)

  3. This is super cute, I'd love to have a green pencil skirt.

  4. The green and the leopard print is such a great combination! I really love jacket you added too! Cute look!


  5. I LOVE the combination of the green and leopard!

  6. Love the animal print paired with green!

  7. Ooh! I just bought a green skirt from Ebay and love this combo.

  8. I really like this! Your tank is great, and looks perfect with green!

  9. Love everything about this!