Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Again

Happy Monday!  The weekends just never last long enough.  If you are on Instagram, you may have noticed that I was in St. Louis all weekend.  We drove out Friday after work and then drove back yesterday after the Cardinals game.  It was a really fun weekend (recap post coming soon), but we got home really late last night and now I am exhausted!  I think this was the last crazy weekend of the summer, so hopefully I can get back into a somewhat normal routine! 

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Dress: Gap
Cardigan: Old Navy
Belt: Chinese Laundry
Sandals: Anne Klein


  1. This is really pretty! Love that dress. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! We had a friend for dinner Saturday night, then he had us over for dinner last night, so that was fun!

  2. I'm pretty sure all I did Saturday was watch Project Runway and eat lots of pizza. Oh! But I went for a jog on Sunday, so that's gotta count for something!

    I really like the print of your dress, and think the cardigan pairs perfectly with it :)

  3. I LOVE this outfit! The color combo is great and the dress is just so pretty! I'm glad you had a fun weekend. We were just working on the bath remodel all weekend, boo. But it's almost done now!

  4. We did family photos this weekend, which was pretty fun! I haven't been with my mom's extended family since Christmas, I think...crazy! I love that dress - I know you'll remix it 100x, and I am excited to see all the ways you have worn/will wear it!!