Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to Normal


When I bought these shorts and this sweater at Loft, I knew I would wear them together at some point.  I think I have a mild addiction to mixing prints!

Anyway, as you may have noticed, it has been a completely crazy summer.  I feel like I have just been running from one thing to the next for the last 4 months.  It's been a lot of fun, but I am ready to get back into some sort of routine again. I've got big plans for going to the grocery store on Saturday, right after I sleep in as late as possible.  It's a glamorous life, I know.    

Sweater & Shorts: Loft
Jacket: Izod
Shoes: Gap
Necklace: Dillard's


  1. Very nice colors and pattern mixing! This is so cute and those shoes - sigh...adorable!! Have fun at the grocery store.

  2. As summer slows down and the school year creeps up, I'm a little sad to see it go but actually pretty ready to get back into my work routine. I love these shorts and sweater together!

  3. I love this outfit and have been toying with wearing my jean jacket with shorts, now I'm sold :)

  4. YES! Omg, I love this. Now that's a mixed print outfit I would definitely wear...too bad I don't have a yellow striped shirt to go with our twin shorts! ;) Your weekend sounds great - I'm all about routine (I'm really Type A...) and can't wait to start back up with work and school :)

  5. This is so cute! I love the bright colors and pattern mixing. I'm still working on incorporating more colors and being brave enough to pattern mix myself, so this is great inspiration! :)

  6. Those Shorts are the Cutest. Loving the Pattern-mixing here and the Neon Colors. Great Summer Look!