Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Awkward Fashion Blogger


I wore this to work a couple weeks ago.  After work, I met up with some friends for Jazz on the Green.  I was going to take pictures at the park by my office, because it's always empty (always = the 3 other times I have gone to take pictures there).  Then there was a whole group of guys playing basketball, so I panicked and figured I would just take pictures when I got to Jazz on the Green

I didn't realize how crowded it would be, and that I would end up in a random parking lot.  I quickly set up my tripod and snapped a few pics, while feeling very self conscious as people stared at me.  Then I switched my heels and blazer for flip flops and a jean jacket and had a lovely evening with my friends!

Fashion blogging is so weird.  

Top: Von Maur
Blazer: Gap
Shorts: J.Crew Factory
Sandals: Anne Klein


  1. Ha ha! At least you still took photos in public. It's so scary to think about leaving the comfort and privacy of my own home for photos. People just don't get the whole fashion blog thing. Glad to know we are at least in good company on the web :)

    This is super cute and that jacket is so awesome. You have styled it so many great ways already!

  2. That jacket and top look so nice together! I ventured out in semi-public (one parking lot, from a few different spots) last spring, but then was too lazy over the summer to go too far for pictures. I have a tree that I like to take pictures by, and I'm content sticking with that until someone complains or I find out that I am referred to as "that chick who always poses by the same tree" haha

  3. Cute outfit! I went to the park by my house once and got some stares from the mom. Definitely awkward. I prefer to just feel awkward in my own driveway...

  4. Haha totally! I always think that I'm going to try taking pictures somewhere new, but then I just hide on my back porch haha.

  5. Haha totally! I always think that I'm going to try taking pictures somewhere new, but then I just hide on my back porch haha.

  6. Haha how awkward. I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to take photos in public (I do mine in my backyard, that has a privacy fence...) but good on you for going for it! Love the outfit!

  7. It does feel awkward to take photos in public, when I started just taking photos when I was out I felt so.... bashful? shy? totally uncomfortable? check, check, check!
    You look adorable, love the striped blazer!

  8. Yeah, been there, done that! On a positive note, this is an awesome outfit! I love that blazer, especially with your shirt. It looks great!

  9. It is SO awkward taking pics in public. It wouldn't be -- if it weren't for people around you & their reactions! I took pictures by our post office not too long ago and it was mortifying. Less public places from now on.. haha. Love your striped blazer though!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  10. Love the blazer and shorts look! I haven't taken outdoor pictures in so long, mostly because of the amount of time I have available to take pictures, but I remember so many awkward encounters. One time I even told someone I was just testing out my new camera! haha

    Jess - J's Style

  11. Oh, I would be the WORST at taking photos outside like that...ugh the thought of it practically gives me hives. I do love your outfit today though - coral and navy look so perfect together, and I LOVE your white shorts.