Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy and I Know It

close up on my red shoes!
Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy.

  1. Playing in the ocean - and just being at the beach, in general
  2. Really good music - and singing along if no one else is around!
  3. Sleep - I think I require more sleep than the average person. I'm very cheerful on any occasion when I get 12+ hours.
  4. Sno cones (it's the simple things in life, right!?)
  5. Windy days - it's the Kansas girl in me, but I love the wind
  6. Emails from my husband - best part of the workday!  
  7. Slothstronaut - I mean, how can anyone look at him and not laugh?
  8. Christmas and Birthdays - I love giving and receiving presents!
  9. Funny stories/pictures of my nieces and nephews
  10. Non-sporty sports (bowling, mini-golf, croquet)
So that's a pretty random list.  I'm a fairly happy person, so I'm sure I could go on and on.  What are some things that make you happy?

Shirt: Loft
Jacket: Izod
Skirt: Bass Outlet
Shoes: Target


  1. I like non-sporty sports too!! and love that skirt. so fresh! My bedroom looks like it is the same color as your walls, my color is called Valspar "midnight bayou". Dark and dramatic!

  2. The beach and summer BBQs make me happy. My family does too :) I love your floral skirt today! Heather

  3. I love good music and singing really loudly in my car. I always embarrass myself when the weather gets warmer and I start driving with the windows down haha.
    I really like this outfit, the colors and patterns are so fun together!

  4. Non-sporty sports, omg love it. They're the only kind of sports I'm remotely good at :) And I love that you listed sno-cones as its own point - they're SO GOOD!!!